Solid Blue French Bulldog: Most Rare Breed

French Bulldogs are among the greatest canines available because of their tiny stature, sweetness, and ability to be a good friends. The solid Blue French Bulldogs are among the most popular hues among French Bulldog owners, even though the Breed comes in various colors.

solid blue french bulldogs

The Solid blue French Bulldog is well-known for its complete blue fur without any patches or markings; the Blue Frenchie looks and acts just like any other Frenchie yet, it has a blue coat due to a dilute recessive gene. Unlike other breeds of dogs, which gradually develop the grey color of their coats, Blue French bulldogs are born with this coloration.

Because of its unique hue, the solid blue French Bulldog puppies are a popular choice for many people who wish to own a French Bulldog that is one of a kind in appearance. This post will discuss the history of the solid blue French Bulldog, the many solid blue Bulldog varieties, and the look of a blue French bulldog. We will also discuss the appearance of a solid blue French bulldog.

Solid Blue French Bulldog Characteristics:

Life Span10 to 12 Years
WeightLess than 28 pounds
Size11 to 13 inches
Activity LevelsLow

Solid Blue French Bulldog Characteristics

Solid Blue French Bulldog History:

Dogs’ physical characteristics are influenced by heredity in the same way that people are. This includes the color of their fur. The color of a French Bulldog is determined by the method in which it is bred.

solid blue french bulldog

The colors of Frenchies are a product of selective breeding. The two primary pigments that contribute to the color of a dog’s coat are red and black. Various genes can alter these pigments, resulting in different hues, such as the color of the solid blue Frenchie coat.

Genes instruct cells on which pigments to create and where to make them, and it is from this, a Frenchie’s distinctive color is derived.

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What does Solid Blue French Bulldog look like?

Most Blue Frenchies are born with blue eyes, but only a few Blue Frenchies retain their blue eyes throughout maturity. A dog can have a blue coat without additional markings or patches if its fur is solid blue in hue. Aside from their distinct coloration, Blue French Bulldogs are just as adorable as Frenchies of any other hue, if not more so.

They are easily recognized with their distinctive large bat ears, cheek folds, and short stubby tail. This tail might be stumpy, pointed, or curled in various ways. No longer than necessary, and it should never be carried on the back of the animal.

Solid Blue French Bulldog History

What is the average size of Solid Blue French Bulldogs?

Unless otherwise specified, all French Bulldogs should weigh 28 pounds and no less than 16 pounds.

Solid Blue dogs should stand between 11 and 13 inches in height. Because of their tiny stature, these dogs are the perfect companions for apartment dwellers. Furthermore, they do not bark frequently and do not require a great deal of activity.

Character: Are Solid Blue French Bulldogs suitable companions for children and adults?

Solid Blue Frenchies should have the same affectionate and bright disposition as Frenchies of other colors if a breeder follows all necessary breeding standards.

Frenchies adore snuggling with their masters or lounging at their feet when they are not playing. They are great companion dogs, and their howls and vocalizations make them wonderful playmates for children who are fascinated by their antics.

solid french bulldog

This Breed of tiny dogs doesn’t bark much, and when they do, it’s usually for a very good cause. As a result, they make excellent watchdogs. They have a propensity to become overly protective of their owners due to their intense affection for them.

This implies that there is a small risk that your pet will develop separation anxiety; but, with consistency and a defined schedule, you should be able to overcome this problem quickly. They might also get along with other dogs and pets if they receive the necessary socialization.

Tips on how to properly care for your Solid Blue Bulldog Breeders

They have folds that require regular attention, and you must also ensure that they are kept at a reasonable temperature at all times, as described above. Overheating may be caused by too much sun, but hypothermia can be caused by being too cold.

Because they are not particularly active dogs, you will need to clip their nails regularly. Form the practice of handling their paws when you aren’t doing anything with them, such as cutting their nails.

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To get them acclimated to this technique, you can hold them or stroke them for a while. This will significantly reduce the amount of tension associated with nail cutting.

Solid Blue Bulldog Breeders

Training your Solid Blue French Bulldog UK

Even though French Bulldogs originate from a sports background, they are quite satisfied to lay around and relaxing.

They require at least one 20 minute walk each day to start them moving and ensure that they remain fit and active throughout the day. Ideally, you should take two walks a day, but even one is plenty. We don’t want them to get overweight.

Grooming of Your Solid Blue French Bulldogfrenchies dog

They have a short, silky coat that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. A simple brushing now and then is all that is required to keep shedding to a minimum.

Those dogs with diluted colorings, such as the Blue Frenchie, are in danger of developing color dilution alopecia, which might alter their grooming requirements.

When dogs are in good health, they don’t need to be bathed as regularly. It’s quite OK to go many months without showering. If your dog does suffer from a skin problem, you will need to bathe them once a week using a specific shampoo recommended by your veterinarian.

Feeding Your Solid Blue French Bull Dog

The calorie requirements of blue French Bulldogs are the same as those of the ordinary Frenchie. You should be giving them 1 to 1.5 cups of high-quality kibble each day, divided into two meals, according to their size.

A joint supplement should be included in the finest dog food for Frenchies to avoid joint problems. The fact that it is enriched with nutrients for their skin and eyes is an added plus.

What are the health Problems of Solid Blue French Bull Dog?

The Blue Frenchie can be affected by a disorder known as color dilution, which is exclusive to canines of that hue. According to research, the same gene that gives them their gorgeous glossy color might also lead them to have dry skin.

It’s very common in blue French bulldogs to have some serious allergies. They are very prone to skin allergies due to wrinkled skin. Blue French bulldogs, there are very sensitive to breathing issues. In some cases, they also have a problem with the head structure, and their punched nose made it difficult for them in swimming.

Some common issues are mentioned below:

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1Hair lossThey have hair loss even after a lot of care still this issue can’t be solved.


Due to their shiny fur and regular brushing, hair loss is common.

Due to heavy body structure, males face a lot of hair lossCommon
2Inflammation in SkinIt’s a side effect due to t hair loss because the dog becomes bald and becomes very sensitive to some skin allergies.More sensitive than femalenormal
3Skin allergiesAs mentioned above, due to hairless skin, they will be much sensitive to environmental allergies and injuries.CommonCommon
4Breathing issueAs they have pressed noses and flat faces, they feel difficulty in breathing, and due to this, they avid swimming.SameSame

It may result in hair loss in extreme situations. One intriguing fact is that this disease will impact only places with blue fur.

It is also possible that their small muzzles, which give them their squished look, are causing health problems. Additionally, the flat-faced condition can create problems with the eyes and teeth of those who suffer from it.

Feeding Your Solid Blue French Bull Dog

Like any other Frenchie, Solid Blue French Bulldogs have a life expectancy of 10 – 12 years, which is not particularly long compared to the lives of other small breeds.

Major Color Combinations

The Solid Blue French Bulldog comes in a variety of colors and with some color combinations given below:

1Blue-BrindleBluish Grey Coat that looks like tiger stripes
2Blue-FawnIt looks like sandy color coats
3Blue-MerleVery rare variation
4Blue-PiedBluish color with a lighter coat

Feeding / Food

Food is a basic requirement of everyone’s life; the same is the case with dogs. They also need a portion of quality food. First of all, provide a registered food that is recommended by any certified kennel.

For every age, there is a different food plan for every puppy and adult.  The food plan for different solid blue French Bulldog is mentioned below:

Food plan for puppy:

Food BrandPer bag QuantityPer day
The Royal Canin3lbs¼
Taste of Wild8lbs¼
Wellness Core10lbs¼

What is the Average Price of Solid Blue French Bull Dog?

Solid Blue Bulldogs are fascinating to look at and quite difficult to come by. Litters are also tiny, with just 1-2 puppies being born in most cases. This implies that a blue Frenchie will cost you between $2,000 to $10,000, and it will almost always be at the higher end of that range.

Since breeders must have two extremely healthy French Bulldogs with the rare dilute gene to produce a blue Frenchie successfully, this process is not as simple as it appears. With that stated, the lower the price of a solid blue French Bulldog, the greater the likelihood that it was not carefully bred. There are exceptions, but it’s important to be aware of the possibility.

What is the Average Price of Solid Blue French Bull Dog

In addition to their high price, Solid Blue French Bulldogs are susceptible to various health problems, which can drive up their price significantly at times. To protect your Frenchie from illness or injury, you must get pet health insurance for them.


The low activity requirements and tiny size of this dog make it an excellent choice for almost anybody. Its friendliness and laid-back attitude make it a wonderful companion, especially after a hard day at work. With the Solid Blue French Bulldog, you can expect unconditional devotion (and less personal space) from your companion since their passion for you knows no boundaries.

The Frenchie is a wonderful addition to any home you will be delighted by its antics and will fall in love with its charming smile. Thank you for taking the time to read about this solid blue French Bulldog.

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