Silver Blue French Bulldog – Breeding & Complete Guide

The dog is the men’s best friend ever. Everyone loves the loyalty and love of a dog towards its owner. While during the selection of a dog, everyone is searching for the best cute and loving dog. Here your search came to an end, selecting a Silver blue French bulldog. The most demanding breed in the world, according to some certified kennels is 4th in the world.

Silver Blue French Bulldog

The silver blue French bulldog is famous for its coat and color. These are small ting dogs and can easily be managed in small apartments. This breed is very rare and hard to breed. The silver-blue French bulldog is just like other French bulldogs but slightly differs in color and coat.

Silver blue French bulldogs are quite adorable dogs in the world. They are very playful and attached to their owner. This breed is very expensive due to its color and its difficulties in breeding. According to the American kennel club, they said that the female silver-blue french dog sometimes.

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Basic Requirements of Silver Blue French Bulldog.

The silver-blue french bulldog is an indoor dog breed. The silver french bulldogs are very weather conscious. This dog breed prefers to live in cool places and is mostly indoor dogs.

Basic Requirements of Silver Blue French Bulldog
  • Games Activities:

French dogs are the most active and playful. Children easily adapt to them due to their playful nature. The french puppies need toys, and they want their owner to play with them. This is not the breed that you may leave at home or ignore. They need proper attention.

  • Walk Timing:

The silver-blue french bulldog doesn’t like long walk trails. It’s perfect for french bulldogs to give them a walk for a maximum of 20 minutes, not more than that.

Silver Blue French dog
  • Coat and Skin Maintainance:

The French bulldogs have short coats, but they have shedding problems.  Its recommended to brush them twice a week and bathe them once a week. The AKC recommends the use of branded shampoos and oils for the skin of Silver-blue french bulldogs.

Bulldog Genetics:

The bluish color in this breed is due to the recessive dilution gene. This is a relatively rare gene found in French bulldogs. A silver-blue French bulldog with a copy of two genes sometimes comes with bluish color instead of black. Blue French bulldogs, they may suffer from a disease named “alopecia” due to the dilution of genes.

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The appearance of the Silver Blue Frenchie

The silver-blue French bulldog is just like other French bulldogs.  Their body looks are mentioned in the table below:

1Height11-13 Inches tall
2Weight27 to 29 lbs
3EarsErect and  bat-like
4LegsShort and heavy
5CoatShort but shiny
6Bone StructureHealthy bones with a heavy head

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Silver Blue French Bulldog genetics

Health Problems:

The silver-blue French bulldog is the world’s 4th most famous dog, but it also has serious health issues. Health issues can affect the life span of French puppies, so it is recommended to take serious care of them.  Some basic health issues are mentioned below:

Skin allergies:

The most sensitive part of one’s body is the skin because of directly in touch with the environment. As silver-French bulldogs also have shedding issues which result in patches on the skin. The patches sometimes lead to infection or injuries.

Nasal or Breathing Problems:

The silver-blue French bulldogs are flat-faced dogs that feel difficulties in breathing. There is a special kind of infection named URT infection in which they feel difficulty in breathing. Regarding this problem, it is recommended to keep them away from water to avoid swimming.

Mobility Problem:

The French bulldogs are short in height and are unable to walk for long times. They can face the problem in spinal discs named IVDD, which results in paralysis of puppy or dog. Some degenerative allergies or infections such that dysplasia in the hip are also common in French dogs.

Silver Blue French bulldog puppy

Ear problems:

The French bulldogs contain very narrow ear canals. The narrow canals tend to some serious ear infections because the ears are very close to each other. During bathing, it is recommended to dry the ears very carefully with some soft stuff.

Wrinkled skin problems:

The silver blue French bulldog skin is wrinkled, especially near the head and face side. This results in an infection named “ dermatitis.” In this infection, the dog faces itching and burning near wrinkled skin areas and redness on the skin’s affected area.

Nature – Attitude of this Breed

The Silver blue French bulldog is mens best friend and is a very loving pet.  They mostly want attention from the owner’s side. The French dogs are mostly cool-tempered. They don’t bark unnecessarily except when they need something.

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It is recommended that French dogs are one-person dogs and can easily groom in small apartments. The French bulldogs are very responsive to their owner or caretaker. They need more attention than other dog breeds.

Nature of Silver Blue French Bulldog
  • With Children:

The silver-blue french bulldog is similar to other french bulldogs. They are also very friendly with children. They look at them as toys and enjoy their company. It is recommended to introduce them as early as possible to children to avoid any injuries.

  • Behavior with other animals:

They easily accept other dogs or animals as friends. Like other dog breeds, they are not aggressive with other animals. They like to play with children and any other pets. Mostly they like the company of small dog breeds.

Exercise Routine:

Fitness is the basic requirement of healthy life. The same is the case with animals, especially dogs. The silver-blue French bulldogs are short in height.

They cannot walk for long periods. It is recommended that they walk for only 20 minutes per day excessive walking results in disc injuries.

The AKC said that blue French bulldogs are not too good at running, so keeping them away from such activities is recommended.

Gaming Activities:

This breed is very playful and active in playing indoor games.

They love to play with children in indoor games.

Please don’t take them for any outdoor games because they are very sensitive to hot weather.


The silver-blue French bulldogs are very alert and intelligent dogs.

They love to spend time around their owners.

Food bases training shows positive results in French bulldogs. They love to play with children and can easily train when they are in a happy mood. They respond well to their owners.

silver blue french bulldog training

As mentioned earlier, they can’t swim, so keeping them away from any ponds or water areas is suggested. Sometimes the French bulldogs are low-energy dogs, so they don’t need much exercise or training.

They are weather-sensitive, and they don’t like hot weather. As they are indoor dogs, it is recommended to train them in cool weather and pleasant too. Due to their marrow nasal, they feel difficulty breathing, so avoid extra running.

Grooming of French Bulldogs:

While taking care of any pet, the owner is very curious about the grooming of the puppy. The French bulldogs are very easily groomed. Some basic requirements suggested by the American kennel club about French puppy grooming are mentioned below:

Grooming of French Bulldogs
  • Coat Care:

The silver blue French bulldogs are short in coat and are very shiny. The silver-blue french bulldogs suffer from shedding, especially from the blue part of the skin. It is suggested to use branded shampoos and oil to maintain their skin quality.

  • Dental Care:
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The experts suggested cleaning the mouth of bulldogs every day to avoid fungus or dental allergies. Always provide pure and fresh food. Wash their cavity with mouthwash to remove food in between teeth.

  • Skin Care:

The silver-blue French bulldogs have wrinkled skin all over their body. The head and muzzle area skin is also wrinkled, which tends toward skin infection, especially during hot weather. It is recommended t dry skin properly after a bath or walk. Due to shedding in French bulldogs, some skin patches tend to some infections and allergies.

  • Bone and Disc Care:

The French bulldogs are p[rone to disc issues such as IVDD. They cannot walk for long durations because of disc problems. They have short legs and heavy bones due to extra running. They got injured in their knee bones. It is suggested to take them for a walk over soft grounds and pleasant tracks.

Breeding of Silver Blue French Bulldogs

Feeding Routine:

Food plays a vital role in a healthy life. According to some experts, it is suggested to always provide fresh food and dog food of any registered kennel as AKC. The food duration of puppy and adult dogs are not similar.

  • Food plan for puppy:

The food quantity depends on the puppy’s weight, but 0.9 cups three times a day is generally recommended. Also, give them dilute milk and some fruits.

  • Food plan for adult dog:

It also depends on the weight of the dog. For a healthy dog, 200grams of food two times a day is recommended. The adult dog also needs to dilute milk and some fruits. The reason for diluting milk is to keep them away from stomach issues.

Silver frenchieBreeding of Silver Blue Frenchies

The French bulldogs are the 4th most demanding breed in the world. The breeding of French bulldogs is very difficult. In some cases, the female bulldog goes for surgeries and C-sections due to narrow canals.

This is the main reason why this breed is very expensive. Sometimes the breeding is performed through artificial injections or medications. The blue color is very rare, and it comes due to dilute genes.


The silver-blue  French bulldogs are the same as other french bulldogs. The major difference is only in their color and coats. This breed is very rare and expensive. The french puppies in silver blue colors require a lot of attention and care during grooming periods.

Experts suggest that experts take care of their health problems seriously because they may result in serious infections. The silver-blue French bulldogs are very playful and active. They aren’t aggressive, but maybe sometimes the female is.

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