Mini Blue French Bulldog (Micro) – How to buy them?

A Mini French Bulldog is not a certified or approved breed. Rather, it is purely an adaptation of customary or typical French bulldogs and is comparatively smaller than typical French bulldogs. It exhibits some similarities and some differences when it comes to their origin, traits, buying, and care guide. These French toy bulldogs are gaining massive popularity amongst French bulldog fans.

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Mini Blue French BullDog

Where do these tiny French bulldogs come from?

As is already mentioned, they are not an official breed. To get small-sized puppies were bred differently. Several ways through which breeders get these teacup French bulldog puppies are crossbreeding, Dwarfism, and breeding mini French bulldogs.


The mini French bulldogs are usually obtained by breeding one conventional and another miniature French bulldog breed. This method is believed to produce sound and healthy tiny French bulldogs, although they are still likely to experience health issues.

The newly formed small French bulldog can exhibit traits of either of the two parents is means a mixed breed as having the possibility of exhibiting more features of either of the two breeds. The three bulldog species selected to breed French bulldog are Poodles, Yorkshire terriers, and a tiny French bulldog to deliver the small Frenchie.

Breeding with Poodle

A cool combo, the long nose, and the poodle’s tail reduce the chances of brachycephalic syndrome and hemivertebrae in the mixed breed. Poodles are prone to certain health conditions such as thyroid, dysplasia, and epilepsy. Therefore, a careful selection of dogs is necessary to make sure you get a healthy mini-Frenchie.

Mini Blue French Bulldog

Breeding with Yorkshire terrier

The smallest toy breed is the Yorkshire terrier. To get an adorable and lovely little French bulldog, a Yorkshire terrier is bred with a Frenchie. Yorkshire is also associated with certain health issues such as hip position and digestive issues. Therefore, it is again critical to choose a reliable breeder before buying one for yourself.

Bring in Dwarfism

Another method to produce a teacup French bulldog is to foster genetic transformation for Dwarfism. More than half of the selected Frenchie’s have chondrodystrophy-a condition characterized by Dwarfism in research conducted by OFA. However, this feature of Dwarfism is exceptionally popular in bulldog lovers, but sadly they are prone to serious health issues.

Breeding with miniature Frenchie’s

The third method to create a miniature bulldog is breeding runts of litters together. The two well-known Frenchie breeds are mixed to get the smallest and cutest bulldogs. However, breeding them may result in a litter with poor health conditions.

Features of Mini French Bulldogs

Mini French BullDog

The characteristic of mini French bulldogs depends upon the breed they are bred with. These Frenchies will carry the traits of either of the two parents. What is obvious is that they will be cute, adorable little French bulldogs with reduced chances of health issues if bred cautiously. This article carries all the important information you may need to know before buying one Frenchie for yourself.

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Here are some of the traits of these adorable little French bulldogs:

  • Size:

The average weight of the French bulldog is 20 lbs., and its height is about 12 inches. However, the size of a miniature French bulldog will be small because it is a blend of a French bulldog and another small puppy.

  • Appearance:

There is no certified French bulldog breed, so whatever look they have, it depends majorly on the breed they are mixed with. The original French bulldog has bat-like ears with a big head. A miniature French bulldog may possess some or all of these characteristics. As far as fur color is concerned, they can have several colors like:

  1. Fawn
  2. Fawn & white
  3. Fawn brindle
  4. White & fawn
  5. Fawn brindle & white
  6. White
  7. Brindle
  8. Brindle & white
  9. Cream
  10. Cream and white

Some French bulldogs are also available in rare colors like blue, lilac, blue & tan, chocolate & tan, and blue merle.

Breeding with miniature Frenchie’s

  • Temperament:

The temperament of a French bulldog is exceptional. That’s the main reason for their number 4 ranking out of 193 total breeds in 2020. They love to be loved and surrounded by people they care for and love. They are exceptionally adorable, loyal, and friendly. 

  • Wellbeing:

Sadly, certain health issues and complications are associated with these mini-French bulldogs. The original French bulldog is susceptible to many health-related issues, including various joint problems and breathing issues due to its short nostrils. Therefore, it is important to select the breed for mixing to minimize the risk of any such health issue.

General health issues of Frenchie’s

  1. Cherry eye:  It is the syndrome of the nictitating membrane, also known as the third eyelid. Most commonly in young dogs that are younger than two years of age.
  2. Intertrigo:  It is a skin disorder that affects the crease of the skin, especially where skin rubbing occurs or where there is moisture. This results in rash and swelling.
  3. Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS):

Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS) is a breathing disorder that is more common with dogs having short nostrils. For instance: English and French bulldogs.

Perineal hernia Micro French bulldog

Perineal hernia

The perineal hernia is a condition that is common in cats and dogs, having a weak pelvic diaphragm, resulting in dislocation of abdominal and pelvic organs around the anus.


  • This refers to a genetic tendency to catch allergies such as asthma allergies.      
  • Rhinitis and eczema. This condition is typically due to sensitivity and          
  • Increased response to common inhaled and food allergens.

Luxating Patella

The patella refers to the kneecap located in the knee joint. Luxating patella means dislocated or out-of-place kneecap resulting in pain and inflammation.

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The most common neurological disorder in the dog is epilepsy. This condition is depicted by repeated and unprovoked epilepsy.


The tail of the tiny French bulldog is associated with a major spinal defect referred to as hemivertebrae. This is a pathological condition in which the spinal bones are deformed, resulting in excruciating pain in the spinal cord. The condition gets worse if left untreated and may even cause paralysis. Surgical intervention is needed in this case, which is quite expensive.

Additionally, these teacup French bulldog puppies experience Dwarfism sometimes, a genetic disorder resulting in malformed bones. The mini-French bulldog puppies with this problem may have short, hooked legs along with some other issues like an abnormal skull and facial bone shape. Considering health issues, pet insurance is always a good option and worth considering.

Caring guide for a French toy bulldog

French bulldogs are considered to be low-maintenance dogs. They do not require any extraordinary care. Rather it’s pretty simple to take care of them.

Mini blue french bulldog

  • Feeding:

Since Yorkshire dogs are associated with digestive disorders, if your puppy is a mixed breed of Frenchie and Yorkie, you should better opt for high-quality food to avoid any health issues. Moreover, the better the diet, the healthier the puppy will be. Therefore, you should give them food rich in protein, fiber, fat, minerals, etc.

  • Physical activity:

As discussed above, they have short nostrils; therefore, they are not encouraged to exercise too much. Rather, it is better to take them with you on a short walk occasionally. They will be more than happy roaming around or playing within the house.

  • Grooming:

Unlike some other dogs, they do not need extensive grooming as they don’t shed much. Regular brushing and frequent baths are all that your Frenchie will need.

  • Training:

These mini French bulldogs are very smart, but sometimes they may show some attitude. However, they love to follow commands. However, it takes patience, time, and effort. It is easier to train a teacup French bulldog blend with a poodle compared to the teacup Frenchie blend with a Yorkshire Frenchie since Yorkshire bulldogs are self-governing, obstinate, and tenacious. However, generally, dogs are pretty smart. They learn new tricks easily with some help and support.

Caring guide for a French toy bulldog

Always look for a reliable breeder

If you plan to get a mini French bulldog puppy for yourself, then make sure to find a trustworthy and reliable breeder. Normally, the price of mini French bulldogs starts from 2000 $, but they sometimes vary based on location. Ask your breeder about puppy vaccination and make sure to check all health certificates because mostly puppy health is not the priority of breeders. Rather, they go for profit.

Are these teacups French bulldog puppies excellent family dogs?

These micro French bulldogs are exceptional, adorable, and loving pets. They are mostly famous for their small size and cute looks. They are perfect companions. However, they have been associated with some serious health-related issues, unfortunately. So, if you are planning to get one for yourself, you should be aware of these health concerns to avoid the additional expense of lifelong veterinary care.

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French Bulldog puppies

The demand for the blue/black mini French bulldog

The teacup Frenchie’s are trending these days as they are best suited for people living in cities. They require minimal space. That is why they are a perfect fit for small houses and apartments. However, it does not mean that they do not need care. These French toy bulldogs require lots of encouragement. It is advised to take them for a walk routinely but make sure not to burden them with excessive exercise as they tend to get overheated easily.

Buying guide and price of teacup French bulldog puppies

You can easily understand that these miniature Frenchies aren’t a common breed; rather, they aren’t accessible. The good news is that some breeders are specialists in this rare breed. You should choose your breeder wisely to ensure that you get the healthy French bulldog at the best price. French bulldogs are already quite expensive, but these cute little Frenchie’s are even more attractive and captivating. Their price ranges from 1500 $-8500 $. While purchasing these cute little Frenchies, you should keep in mind the additional cost of food, occupation, and vet checkups.

blue french dog

Cons of miniaturization

People usually think that these miniature Frenchie’s do not need much care. However, it’s exactly the opposite. These teacups French bulldogs require appropriate diet, exercise, and encouragement. These little Frenchie’s are sensitive and fragile thereby need more care and affection from their owners. These miniature bulldogs do not get along well with kids and family sometimes compared to other large dogs merely because of their small size.

Few analogs of this breed

A few small to medium-sized bulldog breeds are pretty close in cuteness with these mini Frenchie’s. Some of which are:

  • Cairn terrier
  • Chihuahua
  • Yorkshire terrier
  • Havanese
  • Bichon Frise

Is a mini French bulldog puppy the right choice for me?

It is quite evident that these mini French bulldogs are associated with many health risks. However, you have to decide whether you want to have it as your pet or not. The possible health problems and high-end cost of this Frenchie are the major downsides. But do not worry. The list of benefits is far more obvious.

  • They love to be loved and are very expressive.
  • They are truly trustworthy and reliable companions.
  • Can be less costly as compared to certain big dog breeds. Especially in the case of food, shelter, and medicine.
  • They do not need excessive physical workouts or grooming.
  • They are travel friendly.
  • They will mingle and adjust easily within the family.

price of teacup French bulldog puppies

Final words about teacup French bulldog puppies

These mini French bulldog puppies are exceptionally adorable, lovely, and fun-loving dogs who love to be around kids and family all the time. They are indeed prone to many health issues, but they also have many positive sides. They can be your dream bulldog if you take care of them the right way.

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