How to Train French Bulldogs? (Step By Step Guide)

Are you planning to keep a french bulldog in your home? This post is going to be a treasure for you. No doubt the French bulldogs are one of the ten adorable bulldogs in the world. they’re not just beautiful but Intelligent, loving, and caring. 

However, training a dog is crucial for the owner. or else the dog won’t be settled in the house and do the work that you tell it to do. 

how to train french bulldogs

Now the question is, How to train French Bulldogs? don’t fret, because, I’ve coupled all the ways you can follow to train your french dogs and get them worked according to your way. 

Make sure you are with me till the end of this article so you don’t miss something that is critical.

Without wasting a moment, let’s make our way to the topic.

How Much Time is Needed to Train a French dog?

It’s hard for any dog to be settled in a new house far from their family, just like us. Some dogs take a lot of time to get familiar with the place, luckily, the French Bulldogs take just 12 weeks to settle in the place.

french bulldog training

So, you have to train them for at least 12 weeks to make them one of the members of your family. 

In these weeks, you have to understand them, teach them, and make them familiar with their coach, food, and whatever you think they should be aware of. It’s not just your dog’s training but you’re training too. So, use your time wisely. 

 Is it Easy to Train French Bulldogs?

Compared to other species of dogs, the French bulldogs are Intelligent and learn things quickly. Yes, you can say that they’re quite easy to train. However, your training will depend on their capability. 

The dogs are indeed clever but they can only learn when taught properly. Whatever task you give to the dogs, make sure it’s fun and your dog enjoys it. 

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Don’t just give any task that you come up with, search about it online and see if the task is worth giving. Make sure the dog doesn’t panic while playing or doing the task, it may keep it from learning. 

Also, give it its favourite food and let it enjoy it. The key point is to keep the dog as comfortable and happy as possible, so it falls in love with its new home.

How Much Time is Needed to Train a French dog

When Should you Start Training the French Bulldogs?

For novice dog owners, it’s a common question when they should start training their French Bulldogs. 

There is not such a particular time that is considered the best time to train your dog, however, from the very first day you bring it home, their training should have been started. So, the best time to train the french bulldogs is now.

Train a Frenchie

Nevertheless, if you have poppy Frenchies then it can be considered the best time to begin its training. Why? Because the dog is just growing up and learning things, if you instruct it to work according to you, it’ll learn things faster than the adult ones. 

But, it doesn’t mean that the adult french bulldog can’t be trained well; they can also master good manners. 

It might be a bit hard to train them as they’re already used to living from their ways, but still, you can win their hearts by giving them their favourite food, shelter, and unconditional love.

Training the French Bulldogs (Tips and Advice)

Now you have a basic knowledge about dogs, I guess. It’s time to get to the topic that you came here for, which is training your bulldogs. I’m going to mention all the ways down below. Ensure you follow them exactly the way they’re mentioned. 

1) Try to Understand the Bulldogs

Unless you know them, you can’t train them. It’s essential to understand what motivates your french Bulldogs and what they like or dislike. The dogs may have some health issues too, so you have to be mindful of this thing as well. 

You can only do it when you understand them better. So, Below mentioned are some of the things that they like and don’t like.

Training the French Bulldogs

2) What do the French Bulldogs like?

Just like other dogs, the french Bulldogs love to be around their owner all the time. They want to spend time with you almost every second of the day and night. 

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They like you giving them gifts and treats, like their favourite foods, coach, or even kisses. Anything that you think can make them feel special; they’ll love. 

3) What do the French Bulldogs Dislike?

The French Bulldogs don’t like to be alone; they want you to be with them all the time. They hate loneliness so much that whenever you want to punish them, you can simply just leave them alone for a while, and it’s enough to get them back on track.

walking a french bulldog

The dogs are not so active and can tire quickly, so keep this thing in mind while playing with them or getting any tasks done by them.

Another thing you have to take careful notes of is that the French Bulldogs have trouble breathing, so make sure you don’t make them run more than they can handle.

4) Teach your French Bulldogs the Basic First

I know, you’re eager to take your dog with you and get your friends impressed by teaching it Awesome tricks. Isn’t it? But, first, you have to teach them the basics. You have to teach them to respond to some commands. 

The best command to start with is the “Sit command.” Tech your dogs, that whenever you say this Sit command to them, they have to sit. Whenever they do it well, praise them or reward them with the things they love.

Once you think that your dog has mastered the “Sit command,” it’s time to teach it other Amazing commands, like:

  • Come
  • Stay
  • Leave it
  • Down

Remember, teach one command at once, don’t try to teach all the commands together. It will confuse your dog, and it won’t learn any of those.

5) Praise and Scold the Dogs at the Right Time.

When a dog makes a mistake, and you have to scold it, do it at that exact time when the mistake is made. Don’t think that you’ll scold it later. 

The same goes for appreciation. The time your dog does something that impresses you, praise it and reward it at that exact time. It’ll allow them to understand your behaviour.

Praise and Scold the Dogs at the Right Time

6) Teach your Dog Not to Bite

When your dog is small, then biting may look cute, but when it’s an adult dog then it can be a big problem, not just for you but others. 

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So, Do not let your dog bite your hand while playing. Mostly, owners give their hands to their dogs to bite, just for fun, not realising that it’s encouraging their dogs to bite.

So, avoid playing with your dog using your hands; get a toy, and then play with it. 

7) Don’t Repeat the Tasks Over and Over

Don’t repeat the tasks repeatedly. It disturbs your French bulldog and can be bad for its health. The French bulldogs are smart enough to learn everything in a little while, so it’s a pity to train them for a long time.

8) Use the Right Tools

Although, not many tools are required to train your French Bulldogs, except a harness to teach them to walk and a clicker to make their behaviour an app that helps you to handle your dogs. 

And obviously, a quiet room with zero distractions and your absolute love and care will do the rest of the job.

Don’t Make These Mistakes while Training your French Bulldogs

The French bulldogs are famous for their flat faces that look pretty. However, one thing that you don’t know about is that this flat face makes it difficult for them to breathe.

Also, they get exhausted very quickly. Below are mentioned the things that you have to be careful of while training your french Bulldogs.

  • Don’t make them run more
  • train them for a short time period
  • The weather should be normal, neither cold nor hot
  • Avoid overseeing the dog

Point to note

Now know how to train your French bulldogs. Was there anything that seemed difficult to you to understand? I hope not. 

Remember, the French bulldogs are indeed attractive but quite sensitive too, so you have to look after them well. 

Also, train them with positive and ecstatic behaviour, so the dog enjoys your company.  Whatever you do, your dog will try to copy it, so make sure you only do the thing that you really want to get done by your dogs.

How to train french bulldog

I hope everything was easy for you to understand because I’ve tried to explain everything as clearly as possible. But, still, if you have any confusion, you can comment down below.

Now, I want to hear from you. Have you bought your French Bulldog or are you rustling up yourself? When was the first time when a dog’s behaviour annoyed you a lot? Your comments will highly be appreciated.

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