How to Take Care of a French Bulldog? (8 Crucial tips)

So you’ve just brought a French Bulldog at home and want to learn how to take care of it, right? As usual, google has brought you to the right place where you’ll learn how to take care of a French bulldog.

If you’re new To French Bulldogs, then it’s crucial for you to know about them completely so you can handle them better. The dogs are indeed adorable, but they have some health problems that you have to watch out for.

How to Take Care of a French Bulldog

Also, they’re moody and can start behaving angrily if not paid attention to them. So, solving all these problems for you, I’ve coupled up some of the best tips to take care of your French Bulldog so it can live with you forever, just like your family member.

Without wasting a moment, let’s flip over to the topic.

Crucial Things You Must Know About French Bulldogs

Before you get to the caring part, it’s a must for you to know some things about French Bulldogs.

The French bulldogs are friendly, loving, and caring. They love to be around their owner or the person who they feel comfortable with. Because of their small size and bat ears, they’re also called the smaller version of English Bulldogs. 

Compared to other species of dogs, the French Bulldogs have muscular bodies, due to which they look quite hefty. Also, a male French Bulldog can weigh up to 28pounds which is not a small number.

How to Take Care of a French Bulldog


The fun thing is, the Dogs come in many colors, like Black, white, cream, fawn, and various shades of brindles.

The French bulldogs are so caring that they do every possible thing to save the family of their owner. 

They just want to protect their owner at all costs. However, due to having some health issues, they can’t bark continuously for a long while like other dogs. 

The French Bulldogs are hungry for your attention; as long as they’re getting it, they behave well, but once they feel like being neglected or left alone, they start behaving annoyingly. They just hate to be alone. 

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The best thing is that they like other pet animals too; they don’t feel awkward while being around them.

Now that you know completely about French bulldogs, it’s time to head over to the topic. I’m going to mention each factor in detail; make sure you follow it fully.

Taking care of a French Bulldog

1) Keep them in Cool weather

Due to having short nostrils, they can’t inhale so much air to be cool. For that reason, 

Taking care of a French Bulldog

keep the French Bulldog in a room that is fully air-conditioned and maintains a temperature from 24–25 C degrees.

At times, the dog starts to salivate, It looks weak and behaves awkwardly; the moment you see any of these problems, just take cold water and splash its fur with it. 

Another problem that makes them feel weak is the hydration; confirm that you check their bowl every

 day and see whether they have freshwater or not.

Put a careful note that the French bulldogs are so sensitive that even a fever can be fatal for them. 

2) Feeding

Compared to other dogs, the French bulldogs are too different; the things that might be okay for other dogs can be injurious to their health. 

Like, other dogs may end up eating more, but it won’t affect their health so much; however, if a bulldog is fed more, it may harm its health a lot. 

So, giving a proper diet in an adequate amount is essential. Whát’s the food, and what is the amount that should be fed to the French Bulldogs?

French bulldog care

From 1 cup to 2 cups of dry fruits every day is enough for them to be healthy. But make sure you give this much food in two meal times, never in one.

Remember, the amount of food your dog eats varies on its size, kind, and age. An oversized French bulldog will need more food in comparison to a normal-sized dog.

Just like that, an adult dog eats more than the small one, so you have to make sure that the amount of food you’re providing to your dog is enough for them. How can you do that? Known about the kind of your dog and research entirely about its food. 

3) Groom the French Bulldog

The thing that makes the French bulldogs loved throughout the world is the variety of colors they come in. black, fawn, cream, and other shades of the brindles. 

The bulldogs come with a short, shiny, and smooth Coat, making them one of the 10 most beautiful Bulldogs in the world. But you have to maintain this beauty; you can’t just bring the dog home and never groom it.

Groom the French Bulldog

Grooming the bulldog is vital to keep it clean and make it attractive. Luckily, the grooming for a French Bulldog is significantly easy. 

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Get any Grooming/ Bathing tool like Aquapaw Pet, and start grooming your dog softly. During the process, keep an eye on the scabs, crispy skins, devoid spots, and infection signs. 

Also, check the eyes and ears of the bulldog carefully and see if they smell bad or if there is any foul discharge. If you find both of these problems, immediately take the dog to the Veterinarian. 

Clean the ears of your french bulldog properly making the use of a damp warm cloth. Also, use cotton to dab around the corners of the canal without sticking the cotton to it. 

If the canal is dry, use baby or mineral oil by spraying. You also clean the nose of the dogs if it’s using the oil. That’s it for grooming your French Bulldog; it should look more attractive now.

Trim the Nails of the French Bulldogs

4) Trim the Nails of the French Bulldogs.

Being humans, we don’t like our nails growing, do we? I don’t, though. Same like that, the French bulldogs are not capable of doing their nails cut all by themselves; you have to do it yourself. 

The grown nails can harm a french bulldog in a lot of ways. It may scratch itself while itching or something, which can be painful for it. So, check the nails, and whenever you see, they’re more significant enough to hurt the dog, cut them off.

5) Get a Harness For the French Bulldog

A harness is a tool that supports your dog by covering its whole body. Tiny French bulldogs usually don’t know how to walk on grass or on the land, so usually, they end up getting some minor injuries. 

Get a Harness For the French Bulldog

A harness helps the French bulldogs to be more comfortable while walking. So, consider buying one for it As soon as possible.

6) Young Age and other Pet Animals

Indeed the French bulldogs are friendly, loving, and caring. They like to be around other pet animals and kids. So, if you have an early age at home this dog will have a great accord with him. 

However, care is better than cure. No matter what, at the end of the day, it’s a dog and can be dangerous sometimes. So, never leave your child alone with it.

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They love to hang out with your other pet animal; however, sometimes they may feel jealous and can behave rudely when they think that they’re getting less attention, but the other one is getting more, just like us.

7) Be Cautious of The Water

If you’ve researched well about the French Bulldogs before bringing them home, you must have seen it mentioned that the French bulldogs don’t know how to swim. They can easily drone in the water. 

Make sure, when you’re at the beach and hanging out with your adorable puppy, it’s wearing a life jacket. Apart from that, Care should obviously be taken.

Choose the Right French Bulldog to Buy

8) Choose the Right French Bulldog to Buy

You may follow the above-mentioned tips exactly the way they’re mentioned, but when you don’t have the right French Bulldog, even these tips might not work.  So, getting the right dog from a reputable, well-known, and responsible breeder is cardinal. 

I’m not saying it on my own,  but what the American Kennel has recommended. When a breeder will be responsible, he’ll help you to understand the dog better and tell you what you have to do and what not.

At first, you’ll not have so much knowledge about the French Bulldog’s behavior, even if I’ve explained it above, but still, the dogs may act differently as per the environments they’ve been living in. 

Make this thing sure that the breeder that you buy the French bulldog from is responsible for it even if you own it.

French Bulldog to Buy

Point to note

So, now you know how to take care of a French bulldog. The French Bulldogs are cute yet quite sensitive and can be affected by tiny things. They can’t bear heat so it’s better to keep them in a cool room around about  24–25 C degrees. 

They have trouble breathing, making them run repeatedly would be perilous.  Groom them regularly and if you find their ears are dirty and smell bad, get them consulted to the Veterinarian

Your small child shouldn’t be around them alone because, when they lose their control they may be harmful. Also, if you see their nails are growing more than enough, cut them off as they can be detrimental to your dog. That’s it, if you have any confusion, just comment and I’ll be there to help you out.

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