How to stop a French Bulldog From jumping? (Easy Ways)

Does your French Bulldog keep on jumping up? This post is your way to go. When it comes to getting eyes on a unique and cute dog, the french Bulldogs come to the first position. 

However, despite being cute and friendly, they have a lot of problems too. Not all of the problems are health-related, though most of them are behavioral. So, why does your French Bulldog jump up?

How to stop a French Bulldog From jumping

And how to stop a French Bulldog from jumping up? This is the topic I’m going to Cover in this ultimate guide. I’m sure that after reading this piece of writing, your dog won’t jump at you. So, Ensure you go through the post thoroughly to understand it better.

Are you ready? Let’s head over to the topic.

Why Does your French Bulldog jump up?

Before knowing the way to stop your dog from jumping up, you need to know why does your dog jump up? 

Many types of research have been done on French Bulldogs to find out the reason why they jump up, the one that is acknowledged by the French Bulldog trainers themselves is that when the dog wants to greet you, they tend to jump up. 

Does your French Bulldog keep on jumping

This thing may not be new to you if you’ve been a real lover of dogs and also watch movies about them. 

You must have seen in movies that Dogs greet by jumping up. Another reason was told to be that they want your attention, and by jumping up, they say, Look at me: I’m here. When you’re ignoring them then your dog tends to do so.

Why Does your French Bulldog jump up

What Encourages Your French Bulldog to Jump Up?

The answer is simple; it’s you who encourages your dog to jump up. Yes, you heard that right. How? When your dog jumps up, he looks quite cute and funny; therefore, you may be giving it a funny reaction which makes your dog feel that you enjoy it when he jumps. 

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He starts jumping on your guests and the people he meets, thinking it’s fun. As we’ve already discussed in our previous posts, your expression and attention bring a lot of change to your French Bulldog’s life. When you reward it for anything bad, he thinks it’s right and makes it a habit.

Why Does your French Bulldog jump up

Any expression you give to him, he takes it very seriously and tries to do it over and over. 

Let’s say your dog has bitten you on your hands when you were playing with him; if you give him a funny look, then he will think that biting makes you feel good and continues to do so to get your more attention. So, your unnecessary attention encourages you to jump up.

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How to Stop a French Bulldog From Jumping on Guests?

Now, you know what causes your Frenchie to jump on people, but how can you stop your dog from doing so? I’m going to tell you some of the most used methods that will help you to stop your dog from jumping up. Ensure to follow them carefully.

1) Turn Your back and Say “Off” Command Angrily.

Commands might not be a new thing to you, are they? We’ve talked a lot about them. Your behavior influences your dog a lot. If it’s negative then it will negatively affect the dog and if it’s positive then it will positively affect the dog. 

So, the method is, whenever your dog jumps at you, just turn your back towards it and leave the room. Does it sound familiar to you? We’ve talked about it in our recent posts too. It makes your dog feel that you’re upset at it, and the thing he has done is something you get pissed off about. 

When you turn, you have to say a command called “Off command” in an angry voice, so it can make him feel that you’re really mad at it.

Angrily dog

At first, your dog won’t get your mean and will try to follow you and jump at you, thinking that you feel good, but you have to keep saying that command in a firm voice the moment he jumps.

Make it your habit that whenever your dog tries to jump, say the command, and keep doing it until your dog stops jumping at you. It won’t happen in one day, but one day.

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2) Reward Sitting and Not Jumping

Whenever you reward or punish your dog, it tells him what’s wrong and what’s right. IF you’ve been consistently saying your Dog the Off command angrily; then, after some days, he should know that jumping up doesn’t get him any attention at all rather it pisses you off. So, he will try to sit next to you instead of jumping at you. 

Your dog doesn’t love doing the thing that his loved ones don’t like and loves what his loved ones like. SO, whenever your French Bulldog stops jumping up and sitting next to you, then reward him with kisses, praises, and his favorite snacks.

Stop a French Bulldog From Jumping on Guests

Also, give it your attention fully so he can know that it’s something that attracts you to him. Do it whenever he sits beside you; it will encourage him to adopt the habit of sitting and quit the habit of jumping up.

Reward Sitting and Not Jumping

3) Give your Dog a Toy Distraction

You may have seen it in movies, rather you may be doing it with your dog, that whenever you give your dog a toy, like a ball, it attracts him towards it. When you throw the ball and tell it to get it, he runs all the way to the ball and brings that back to you. 

So, whenever your guest is coming over, or there is something special, get a toy and give it to your dog in order to stop him from jumping on people. When he has a toy, it won’t jump over people and ruin your moments.

It doesn’t mean that you only have to do it at some special events; you can include it in your French Bulldog’s training and apply it with other mentioned tips. It will surely help you to stop him from jumping up.

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4) Teach your French Bulldog to sit whenever guests come over

Have you ever had an experience where some guest came to your house, and your French Bulldog just jumped at them and made you feel ashamed? Ivé went through it all when it was my Frencho’s puppyhood.

Whenever any friend or relative came to my house, the French just went and jumped upon them, which was literally agitation. So, the solution I came up with was to teach French to sit whenever any new person comes to the house.

Teach your French Bulldog to sit

You can easily teach it for setting or staying in his room only by giving him some commands. You know very well how to teach your French Bulldogs to respond to commands if you’ve been reading my posts consistently.

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5) Don’t shout at your Frenchie Whenever He Jumps Up

As mentioned above, whatever you do it gives your attention to your dog. He doesn’t know whether you’re shouting in anger at him or, you’re happy and praising him.

Therefore, whenever your dog jumps at you, stay calm and never shout at him, or else it will encourage your dog to jump even more. Just say the Off command in a firm voice that’s enough.

Don’t shout at your Frenchie

I’ve seen many Franchise owners hitting their dogs. Whenever their dog jumps up, they get pissed off and scold and hit their dog, which is not right. 

When you do so, your dog tends to become more stubborn and rude. It stays angry all the time and barks continuedly. He can even start biting if you hit or scold him, so watch out.

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6) Try Knee Method

The knee method is recommended by expert dog trainers and worked incredibly for them. A number of people have tried it and got a lot of better results, so you can give it a shot too.

So, in the Knee method, whenever you see that your dog is about to jump at you, you just raise your keens which hits the chest of your dog, and he gets pushed away. It’s the most unpleasant experience a French Bulldog could ever have.

Don’t shout at your Frenchie

It will make him feel bad, and that’s what you want. When you apply this method some days, then your French Bulldog gets used to it and avoids jumping up on you. So, try this method out and see if it works for you, as it has worked for a number of Dog owners.

Point to Note

Hey Frenchie lovers, I hope now you know how to stop a French Bulldog from jumping up. Also, you got to learn a lot about the behaviors of the French Bulldogs. 

Though I don’t think that there is anything that you couldn’t understand from this post, but still, If you have any questions related to the topic, put them down and I’ll help you out.

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