How to Stop a French Bulldog From Biting? (Easy techniques)

Does your French Bulldog bite you all the time, and do you want to know how to stop it? You’re in the right place. No matter how cute, friendly, and loving your French Bulldog is, it can have a very annoying and dangerous problem biting.

How to Stop a French Bulldog From Biting

He doesn’t see whether it’s you who is he biting or someone else; it just bits. And trust me,  it hurts. Now, the question is, How to stop a French Bulldog from biting? You’re going to get all the answers to your queries in this Ultimate guide. 

Don’t fret; it’s easier than you think; just go through this post thoroughly, and you’ll be able to stop your dog from biting. I hope so.

Without lecturing more, let’s head over to the topic.

Why Does Your French Bulldog Bite? (Normal or Not?)

What causes your French Bulldog biting? You must have this question in your mind. So, there are multiple reasons for it that I’m going to mention one by one. 

The French Bulldogs are pretty sensitive and can get upset quickly. When you’re not around them, or you misbehave with them, they can get furious and start barking. When you shout at them, they get scared and can behave rudely. 

At times, They get so angry that they tell you to make a distance from them or else they will harm you. If you don’t listen to them and keep on disturbing them, they’ll get angrier and may bite you as well.

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Why Does Your French Bulldog Bite

When it comes to a puppy French Bulldog, their bite may not be so severe, but when an old or an adult Frenchie bites you, it can cut your skin and can be very dangerous for you. Also, it can bite the people who you live with or who are your neighbors. 

SO, ensure that whenever you’re dog is having this problem, he’s angry or behaving rudely, warn everyone not to come close to it as he may harm them.

Another reason that causes your dog to bite is that you’ve been playing such games with it where it has to bite your hands. Didn’t you get it? Let me tell you, I’ve seen a lot of people who give their hands to their Puppy French Bulldogs to bite it just for playing with them. 

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Since it’s their puppyhood, the bite looks cute and funny. However, when the Puppy grows up, he is still used to playing that game and biting your hands. So, he always bites you thinking He’s playing with you.

Stop a French Bulldog From Biting

Even whenever you take pick him in your hand, he just grinds you because he doesn’t know that it can be dangerous for you; for him, it’s just a fun game that he has been playing since his puppyhood. 

So, unintentionally, you have trained your French Bulldog to bite, and now it’s creating a problem for you.

The last thing that causes them to bite you is their sickness. Yes, whenever your French Bulldog is not feeling well, then it will bite unnecessarily. So see If he’s feeling well or not.

Now a question must be hitting your mind how you can stop your French Bulldog from biting you?

How to Stop a French Bulldog from Biting?

Now, you know what the reasons that cause your French Bulldog to bite you are. It’s time to know how you can stop them from biting you. 

You’ll have to train them not to bite. How will you do it?  I’m going to mention all the ways that you can follow. To train them, Ensure to follow the ways exactly the way they’re mentioned.

How to Stop a French Bulldog from Biting

1) Teach Your Bulldog that Biting is wrong

Since the French Bulldogs are intelligent, they learn things faster. Whatever you do, they try to mimic it and understand it. As discussed in the previous posts, you have to use special commands to tell them that biting is wrong. 

What you can do is, whenever your dog bites you, you can say the words like “Ouch” or “No” words in a firm voice to let your dog know that biting hurts you and it makes you angry as well.

Teach Your Bulldog that Biting is wrong

Obviously, it won’t happen in one day; you’ll have to keep on doing it over and over whenever your French Bulldog bites you. Also, when he bites you while playing, you can give it an angry expression and leave the room, leaving him alone there. 

It will make him feel bad as the french Dogs hate to be alone. This behavior will make them realize that biting is not the right thing, and it makes their loved ones angry. Then Gradually, the dog will start to avoid biting you and eventually stop. So, train it until it stops biting.

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2) Don’t Use Your Fingers While Playing with your French Bulldog

I know that it’s fun playing with your dog but, using your fingers for playing with him is not a good idea. It encourages your dog to bite you.

I’ve seen many people putting their fingers in their French Bulldogs and giving them their Hands to play. It is like telling the dog that you can chew it and play with it whenever you want to.

Playing with your French Bulldog

This will make him realize that your hand is a toy and he can bite and play with it whenever he wants. And he will keep doing it in his adulthood as well. 

So, never use your fingers for playing with your dog; get a chewing toy instead. There are many toys available for your Frenchie in the market, so just get one.

3) Avoid Reacting When Your Pooch Bites you

When your French Bulldog bites you, avoid reacting like you’re enjoying it, or it’s funny. Many dog owners do so because of which their dogs think that biting is a game that their owners enjoy playing with them. 

So, the best way to react is to say “No” commands angrily with hard expressions so that your dog gets scared and doesn’t repeat this mistake again. Or, if you don’t want to get mad at it, just don’t react; stay calm.

4) Wear Dirty Gloves

Wear Dirty Gloves

If your dog has become so used to biting that he bites you all the time, what you can do is, wear gloves with something that tastes bad on it, then whenever your dog tries to bite your hands, just don’t do anything and let him bite. 

The moment your dog bites your hand, he will taste that dirty thing stuck on the gloves, and he will leave your hands quickly. 

This method is recommended by the expert dog’s trainer, hence, works tremendously. Try this method out and keep applying it to your Blue French Bulldog until it leaves biting.

5) Train your Frenchie to Accept your Hands 

Look, I know I’ve told you not to put your finger into the mouth of your French Bulldog, but at times, it’s necessary.

Like, such as checking their mouth, medicine reaction, teeth or adulthood, or when they’ve eaten something unhealthy that you have put out of their mouth.

Train your Frenchie to Accept your Hands

You can’t do these things without putting your hands into your Frenchies’ mouths. So, you’ll have to train your Bulldog to accept your hands whenever you need to put them in. 

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Now you may be thinking that how will you train your French Bulldog to accept your hands in their mouth? 

There is a simple trick for it, put your Frenchie’s favorite snack in your hands and show it to him. 

When it comes to eating it, feed him using your hands and fingers. Do it every day whenever you feed your dog, and gradually it will start accepting your hands in his mouth, thinking that there is his snack on them.

6) Let your French Bulldog Be Socialized with Other Animals and Dogs

How many times has your dog played with other dogs or pet animals since you brought it home? If not even once or less, then this is the reason your dog has started biting. 

Dogs are like humans; they can’t live without being socialized with their friends(Other animals or dogs); they love playing with their friends and enjoy hanging out with them.

Let your French Bulldog Be Socialized

Also, they learn a lot of things by hanging out with other dogs. So, if your dog is not socialized, then socialize it immediately and let it play with other dogs. Now, you may have asked what if other dogs harm it. 

Then, choose such dogs which are of the same age as your dog, so they can have a better accord with each other. Also, if you don’t want your Frenchie to play with other dogs, then let it play with any pet animals, like cats, goats, or whatever animal you have. 

Luckily, the French Bulldog is such a species of dog that even remains friendly with other pet animals than just dogs. So, this is another tip you can apply to stop your french bulldog from biting.

Point to Note

Hey French Bulldog lovers, I hope now you know how to stop French Bulldog from biting. Also, you know what causes them to bite you. I’ve mentioned all the tips that will surely help you to fix this issue. Ensure, you follow the tips properly. Avoid doing the things that cause make them upset. So, try not to do the things that upset them.  

If you have any confusion about the topic just put them down and I’ll help you out.

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