How to potty train a French Bulldog? Step By Step

When you train a dog for running, that’s easy when you train a dog for hiking, that’s easy too, but when it comes to training a French Bulldog for potty, then it’s the toughest job any Frenchie owner would ever put their hands into. 

No matter how clever your Frenchie is, if you don’t potty train him, he will be messing up your whole place. The French Bulldogs are smart but still, potty training them can really be a tough row to hoe, especially for novice Frenchie owners.

How to potty train a French Bulldog?

Therefore, I will teach you in this article How to potty train a French Bulldog with ease. I’ll share my own experience of potty training my french. So, ensure to stick with me till the end of this piece of writing so you don’t end up missing something very important.

Without lecturing more, let’s dive in.

How to Potty training of a French Bulldog

If you’re a parent, teaching to potty train your Frenchie would be easier for you than other people. Why? Because potty training a French Bulldog is just like teaching your child to use the bathroom. 

The process takes time and effort. In this training, you teach your french bulldog to use the bathroom or any place that you appoint him to pee in whenever he needs.

Potty training of a French Bulldog

No matter what place you want him to pee in, you’ll have to make him aware that this is the place which you have to use whenever you feel like having a potty or pee.

When you keep training your dog for some months, then he will start knowing the place it has to be free in. And that is an accomplishment for you. 

Remember, this process might take some time, so be patient, and don’t try to force your French bulldog to learn things faster. 

It’s training, and it will happen gradually. And the best thing is, French Bulldogs are pretty smart and love to be neat and clean. Once you start training them and set a schedule for them, they’ll try harder to follow it.

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There are some easy methods that you can follow to potty train your Frenchie. I’m going to mention them below, go through them and apply them to your breed.

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1) Set a Potty Schedule

Having a proper schedule is the most important thing for a French Bulldog. When he doesn’t know what to do at what time, then he won’t be able to do anything correctly. The schedule should not just be set for potty but for his food, play, and sleep. 

But, for now, to set the potty schedule of your dog, ensure that you take him to the place where he pees at an exact time every day. It can be twice a day as well, but be sure that you’re not missing the time.

Potty Training For your frenchie

Like, when you wake up in the morning, that’s a perfect time for your dog to be free, when you go to the bathroom, take him with you too. Note down the time and follow it every day consistently. 

Along with potty training, set a schedule for the things like eating, sleeping, playing, and jogging. It will let your dog know when he has to do each thing.

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2) Keep an Eye On The Signs of your Dog

When you put your dog into a perfect schedule and make him follow it properly, then your French Bulldog tends to give you some signs when he has to go to the toilet., such as pacing in the room back and forth in a circular motion, barking loudly, behaving weirdly, or whining at you. 

 Eye On The Signs of your Dog

Whenever you see your dog doing any of these things, it’s time to take him to the toilet. But, where would you take them to pee, you may ask. So, the answer is simple: use potty training pads. 

You can use them to make your dog potty if you don’t have a particular place or a toilet for him. However, if you have a proper toilet with all the things that a dog needs to pee, that’s even better.

3) Teach them “Go potty Command.”

Here we go again; the thing that we’ve talked a lot about in the past is teaching you French Bulldogs some specific commands that help you to communicate with your dog and make him do certain things. 

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To potty train your dog, you have to teach him a “Go potty command” and say it whenever your dog starts pacing in the room.

Teach them “Go potty Command.

Do it whenever your dog needs the toilet, and after doing it for some time, your dog will start understanding the command. You can change the command too however you want to. This is what command I taught my french in his potty training.

4) Reward Them 

Let’s say, you told your French Bulldog to go to the toilet and he accepted your commands. That’s an achievement, not just for you but for your dog as well. 

So, when your dog is done doing potty, reward him with something his favourites, like snacks or even praises. French Bulldogs love rewards and praises, and when they think that anything can get them these two things, they try to do it perfectly.

5) Let Them Play 

Your Frenchie will probably be eager to play outside when taking them out. First and foremost, when you are attempting to instruct them to potty here, leave it at a washroom break just basically a few times each day. 

When they go to the washroom and you use the order word or expression, reward it and go inside right away. When they can go on order frequently, then, at that point, playing while on a potty break is completely alright.

So, these are some of the best and easy tips that you can use to potty train your French Bulldog. Apply these techniques to your dog until it gets perfect at them. After some time, your dog will start understanding what he has to do.

Now, you may have a question: what things will you need to potty train your French Bulldogs? So, let me tell you.

Things You Will Need to Potty Train Your French Bulldog

1) A crate for your French Bulldog

Before the training starts, your dog will have a habit of peeing on the floor or whoever he feels like. So, to keep your place clean, you can get your eyes on a puppy crate to keep your French Bulldog in it, 

so whenever he pees or does potty then your floor doesn’t get yellow. You can get crates in different sizes, Get the one that suits your dog.

Potty Train Your French Bulldog

2) Rewards for Your Frenchie

As we’ve discussed above, you should reward your Frenchie whenever he follows your commands. These rewards include toys, snacks, or anything they like. 

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The kisses and praises are free though, you can reward your dog with them too. When you reward your Frenchie, it makes him feel that he’s doing something good, So he tends to do it better.

What If you’re not at home when your dog needs to potty

It’s an obvious thing that you can’t stay with your Frenchie all the while. So, whenever you’re not at your home, and the dog’s potty train is still going on, then ensure you leave him at a secure place where he doesn’t mess up anything while peeing around.

your dog needs to potty

The place should not be so small that he starts having problems there. There should be enough room for him to play and roam around. This technique will do two things for you. First, it keeps your dog safe, and second, it keeps your house neat and clean.

How Long Does It Take to Potty Train Your French Bulldog?

It may vary to the type of Frenchie you have; however, proper training will surely take a lot of time. To learn to potty according to the schedule, your French Bulldog has to deal with the circulatory muscles that are nearby the bladder and butt. 

Overseeing these roundabout muscles is a development interaction that happens gradually. So, be patient and don’t try to hurry to finish up the training. Keep your French Bulldog as comfortable as possible during the training.

Point to Note

Hey French Bullodg’s owners, I hope now you know how to potty train a French Bulldog with ease. The techniques that I mention above are the ones that I’ve used to train my French, and they worked incredibly for me. 

I hope they will work for you too if you follow them carefully. Remember, don’t be like those dog owners who do hurry to potty train their Frenchies. This thing is very sensitive and has to be done cautiously.  

This training rustles up the internal muscles of the dog and trains them to work according to a schedule. So obviously, it will take some time. So, have some patience and enjoy training your dog. This potty training should not disturb the playtime and fun time of your dog, or else it will start behaving rudely. If you have any confusion, put them down and I’ll clear them.

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