How to Discipline a French Bulldog puppy? 8 Important tips

Our pets learn from us; whatever we do around them, they tend to mirror it. When you shout, the pet tries to shout, and when you hit the ball, the pet tries to do the same. 

But, no one can be a better imitator than dogs; they’re the real imitators, especially the French Bulldogs puppy. The puppyhood of any dog is a period of learning in which you can shape your dog the way you want.

How to Discipline a French Bulldog puppy

We all love our French Bulldogs more than anything on the planet, but when it comes to disciplining them, we shouldn’t spare them because a dog can’t learn until you tell it about wrong and right doing.

Because, It’s a dog that doesn’t know anything before coming to you; whatever it learns, it learns from you (owner). Now you may ask, how to discipline a French Bulldog puppy?. This article will be about this topic.

Ensure you read the ariel thoroughly so you don’t end up missing something important.

Why Discipline your French Bulldog?

The dog may be Adorable at the end of the day; it’s an animal that knows nothing except barking, eating, and sleeping; what else would it know if it didn’t get taught anything? 

So, when you bring a puppy French Bulldog at home, it doesn’t know who you are, what you do, what it should do, and what it shouldn’t. You’re the one who’s going to teach everything; you’ll have to discipline it to make it walk in your footsteps.

As an owner of the dog, it’s your responsibility to teach your dog what’s right and what’s wrong.

Why Discipline your French Bulldog

When it makes any mistake that could be severe for others, then you should punish it too, to let it know that if you repeated this mistake again, you’ll get scolded, because this is not the right thing to do. 

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Unless you tell him that it’s wrong, how would It know? Therefore, disciplining a Frenchie is a crucial thing to improve the personality and behavior of the dog.

You’re lucky that you have a french puppy bulldog; why? Because puppy dogs learn things faster and they’re easy to be disciplined. Whatever you teach them, they learn quickly compared to the adult ones. Now let’s get to the main topic.

train a french bulldog puppy

How Can You Discipline Your Puppy French Bulldogs?

The world acknowledges the fact that the French Bulldogs are naughty and stubborn, especially when it’s their puppyhood. They just do whatever they feel like doing, without thinking about who they’re with and what place they’re in. 

So, as a new Frenchie owner, it will be a bit challenging for you to discipline them. But, don’t worry, the tips I’m going to share in this article will surely help you to mend your Puppy French Bulldog. Just be consistent at applying tips to your dog, and you’ll get the results in no time.

Tips for How to Disciplining Your Puppy French Bulldog

All of the things that I’ve used to discipline my dog in puppyhood are mentioned below. You just have to follow them keeping the safety of your dog in mind.

Tips for How to Disciplining Your Puppy

1) Punish Them When They Do Anything Wrong

The dogs can be offensive sometimes; they chew your pillow, mess up the room, and pee everywhere. At these times, they have to be scolded and punished, so they can know that the thing they’ve done is not good, and they’ll get punished for it if done again in the future.

But, there is a particular way to punish them. When your dog commits a mistake, punish it on the spot, don’t think that you’ll do it later, or else your dog will not know what you’re punishing it for. Let’s say, your dog has messed up the room, but you were not home at that time.

When you come home after some hours, you see that the room is messed up, so even if you scroll it at that time, it won’t be able to know what’s happening, what are you getting so furious at.

Disciplining Your Puppy French Bulldog

So, it’s better not to scold it at that time; when you see it committing a mistake, just punish it right away so it can know, oh, I’ve done this thing which is why I’m getting punished, now I shouldn’t repeat again in the future. 

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2) How do you Punish Your Bulldog?

Don’t Discipline your Bulldog the way you punish your toddler, smacking him off, or some sort of physical assault. There is a particular way to discipline your Puppy French Bulldog in this situation. So ensure you follow that method instead of doing it on your own.

3) Change Your Voice Tone and Speak in a Stern Voice.

The French bulldogs are the smartest dogs in the world. They also understand anything you do in front of them. Even when there is a change in your voice or expression, they quickly figure it out. 

So, the best way to punish your Frenchie is to raise your voice a bit and then say in a stern voice, no, don’t do that, or whatever you want to say. 

But, your expression should look angry and your voice tone too, so they can next know that you’re mad at them. This is the right way to discipline your dog when they do something offensive, instead of beating or assaulting them. 

Take careful notes that you don’t have to shout at them, or else the dog will get scared or get away from the room. A loud voice is like a threat to French bulldogs, you better don’t do that.

4) Be Positive with your Dog and Keep it Happy.

The Environment is a thing that we get influenced by a lot. When we live in a toxic environment then we tend to become the same.

How do you Punish Your Bulldog

The same are dogs; when you behave rudely with them or shout at them at tiny things, they tend to become sad and rude, just like you. 

So, the best thing to discipline your french bulldog is to be positive with it and give it the unconditional love that they’re hungry for. Provide them with their favorite food, a comfortable couch, a well-settled room, and anything that can make their life comfortable.

5) Reward them

The way you punish your dog when it messes up your room, it is time to reward it whenever it listens to you and accepts your commands.

Teach your dog not to bite

The French Bulldogs love rewards; nothing can be happier for them than getting rewards from their loved ones. 

So, whenever you think that your dog has learned something that you’ve taught it, or it didn’t mess up the room when you were out, reward it with snacks and the thing it loves.

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6) Teach your dog not to bite

At times, the dogs can bite. At their puppyhood, it’s somehow bearable, but when they’re adults, their bite can be dangerous for the victim. So, it’s crucial to teach them that they don’t have to bite anyone. 

How do you do it? Whenever your dog bites you while playing even slowly, just say Words like“ ouch, uff” to show that it hurts you. And then go out of the room, leaving it alone there.

Teach your dog not to bite

it would make it realize that the thing it has done was offensive to you, and it would try to avoid doing it in the future.

7) Stay Consistent at Disciplining

You can’t expect your dog to learn everything in one day; the dog takes time to understand your commands and behavior. So, keep disciplining it until it fully understands when and what it should do or shouldn’t. 

Disciplining your puppy’s french bulldog is never easy; they repeat the mistakes over and over sometimes, you forget to scold them, or you’re not there at that time. But, try to apply the above-mentioned tips whenever you can and be consistent at training them.

8) Don’t Try to Discipline them this Way.

I’ve told you how to discipline your puppy French Bulldog, but these are some things that you shouldn’t do to discipline your dog.

  • Do not hurt or beat your Frenchie
  • Don’t rub it when it’s pooping or urinating
  • Don’t shout at it as it may scare it
  • Do not chase it
  • Avoid using the electric color with your dog as it may be dangerous for it.

When you do any of these things, it will bring a lot of adverse changes in the behavior of your French Bulldogs. So, ensure you don’t do any of the above-mentioned things.

How do you Punish Your Bulldog

That’s all for today guys, I hope now you know how to discipline a French Bulldog puppy

Apply all of the tips carefully and do the things that can harm your Bulldog. Be consistent at disciplining the to get better results. If you have any confusion, put it down below and I’ll help you out.

Now I want to hear from you, what’s the age of your French Bulldog puppy? Your answers will highly be appreciated.

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