How Much Exercise Does a French Bulldog Need? 5 Secrets

French Bulldogs are famous for their Loving, friendly nature and their adorable looks. With flat faces, they stand out among other species of dogs. However, some people have misconceptions about whether or not they should make the french dog exercise. 

So, Should they do exercise? And how much exercise does a French Bulldog need? How much exercise is required for them? When should you start making your French Bulldog exercise?

How Much Exercise Does a French Bulldog Need

What type of practice is good for your French Bulldog? How long should a french bulldog exercise? If these questions are hitting your mind, you’re in the right place. 

Because here I’m going to tell you everything about the exercise of your French bulldog. 

Ensure to be with me till the end of this article so that all of the confusion gets cleared of your mind.

How Much Exercise Does a French Bulldog Need?

The French Bulldogs are the cutest, but they have some health issues, the most common is a breathing problem. They can have trouble breathing when running more than they should. 

They get exhausted quickly. Therefore, 60Minitues of exercises for the French Bulldog is ideal, which can be done once every day. 

The exercise can include walking, playing, hanging around in the park, and so on. But ensure not to make them do it in just one take. 

Divide the 60 minutes into chunks of the time periods in the daytime, then make your Frenchie exercise. 

Does a French Bulldog Exercise Need

A continued exercise for 60minutes can be dangerous for them because of the above-mentioned health issues. Don’t go for too long walks; just go for short walks and keep your French Bulldog comfortable. 

If you’ve researched well about the French Bulldog, you may know they can’t bear the heat, so taking them out for exercise on a hot day is a worse choice. Consider the coolest part of the day, like evening or morning, and then take them for a walk.

Remember, when your French Bulldog has been playing with you for a while, it’s also an exercise that it’s doing. 

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Like, when you’ve been hanging out with your dog in the garden just for fun, walking around and catching balls, it’s an exercise; you don’t need to do it again.

What Type of Exercise Should Your French Bulldog do?

As stated above, any physical activity is an exercise for you French bulldogs. Get them any task to do, like catching a ball or running in the garden after you or alone; it’s a good exercise that keeps their body moving. 

Taking them for a walk is another best thing you can do; take your dog for a short walk; meanwhile, hang out with it.

Exercise Should Your French Bulldog do

This exercise is fun. First, you yourself are going out and enjoying yourself with your dog, not even realizing that the dog is working out. And the second, the french dog itself likes being around its owner.

Is 60 Minutes exercise for all Ages of French Bulldogs?

I know that this question might hit your mind; therefore I’m going to answer it already. Look, 60 Minutes is an average time period you should make your Frenchie exercise for. 

French Bulldog Exercise

However, the age, Characteristics, and disposition of your French bulldog matter depending on how much time it needs to exercise.

1) Exercises for an Adult French Bulldog

60minutes of exercise is enough for an adult Bulldog. It can be in the form of exercise, like, walking, playing, or hanging out with you. 

Whenever you play with it, and it makes it move physically, it means your dog is exercising. 

So, count the time of the day you played with your French Bulldog and compare it to the average given exercise time. 

If it has been met, even while playing, your dog has done the exercise; if there are some minutes left, like 5 or 10, it’s okay; it’s enough. But, if you can complete the time, it’s much better.

Ages of French Bulldogs

How would you monitor the time of your dog and how much exercise it has done throughout the day? Since you’re living in a digital era, there are some devices available to do this trick for you. 

The devices help you to monitor the movements of your dog and count each step it takes. You can easily purchase these devices from Amazon or from the local market.

2) Exercise for a Mature Bulldog

Along with the age of your dog, the time of the exercise decreases as well. The dogs are different even when they come to a single species, French Bulldogs. Just like us, some dogs may be comfortable doing exercise more, while some get tired just after a while.

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So, how do you know if your dog is enjoying exercise or if it’s negatively affecting its health? The effects will be visible on their body. 

If the dog has been exhausted and breathing roughly, it’s time to stop the exercise and take them home. 

Here is the twist, not every time will this trick help you. Because some dogs are not smart enough to know what’s good or bad for them, they just want to walk and spend time with you.

How much exercise is required for them

So, you have to keep an ayen on them to find out whether the dog is doing well or not. 

If you find that your dog is getting tired, having trouble breathing, looking stiff, and struggling to walk, immediately stop exercising, Because, it means that the time of the exercise has gone beyond its capability.

3) Exercises for a Puppy Bulldog

The puppy Bulldogs are energetic and active; they don’t do more exercises like walking, but if you still want to do it, then keep a 5 minutes session, which is enough. 

The time a puppy French Bulldog takes for exercise varies with its age. A 4-month-old Puppy Frenchies just need to exercise for 28 minutes a day, which is enough for it. 

It will keep it healthy and active and also not cause any joint pain or mobility problems in the future.

The puppyhood of your Frenchies is not for exercise; it’s’ for letting it explore the world and learn new things. 

Just like a child, the puppy learns more quickly and easily in its puppyhood, so don’t waste this time putting it into some complicated work like exercise. 

Take it to different places, let it meet your friends, and hang out with them to learn new things and enjoy life. Also, teach it to understand the language of your and the people around it.

Puppy French Bulldog

4) Do French Bulldogs Need to Walk Every day?

As such, it’s not a must for them to walk every day, but if you make them do it, it’s better for their health as long as you keep the above-mentioned things in your mind. Ensure that they don’t overwalk and be comfortable walking. 

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Don’t force them to walk; keep an eye on their mood, too and act accordingly. Learn about the dog’s behavior to handle them even better.

Get your Bulldogs Puzzle Toys

At times it’s not possible to be around your French Bulldog, but they can’t live without your company. So this is where the Puzzle toys come in, these are toys that are designed to improve your problem-solving skills and your mental health.

Get your french Bulldogs Puzzle Toys

It’s a type of toy that your dog can play with and be busy with it whenever you’re not home. It makes their mind sharper and tastes their intelligence at the same time. 

You can easily get your eyes on them from amazon, so get one for your dog, it’s really an incredible mind exercise for it.

Things to be Cautious of While Making your Dog Exercises

  1. If you’re a person who uses a collar to take your dog out, don’t do that, as it may damage the trachea of the dog and can strain its neck. The harness is an advanced device that is more comfortable and suitable for your dog. The harness covers the whole body of the dog which helps them to be less stressed while running.
  2. Take your French dog on a walk in the evening or morning, as these are the collect times. Don’t overdo the exercise as the dogs have trouble breathing, and it can be dangerous for them.
  3. Taking them on the walk on a hot day is a bad idea as the French Bulldogs can’t handle the heat. Therefore, I’ve recommended the coolest periods of daylight to take them on a walk.
  4. Don’t go to exercise when your dog has had a meal; instead, go before the meal.
  5. When you walk with your dog or make it do another activity, keep an eye on their movements and behaviors. See if they’re behaving rudely or breathing hard; if so, then stop the exercise right away. When you see the panting saliva from their mouth, it means the heat is more than they can handle, so don’t continue the exercise in that situation.
Exercise for a Mature Bulldog

That’s it for today mates, if you have any queries related to the topic, put that down in the comment section and I’ll be there to help you out.

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