How Fast Can a French Bulldog Run? Things you must know

Do you want to know how fast can a french bulldog run? You’re in the right place. No doubt the French Bulldogs are one of the most beautiful dogs in the world and also the laziest ones. 

Yes, you heard that right. They’re quite lazy. Also, according to expert dog trainers, they don’t need so much physical exercise to be healthy. Therefore, a question has always been hitting the mind of Frenchie’s owner: How fast can their french Bulldog run.

How Fast Can a French Bulldog Run

Therefore, I’ve decided to cover this topic in this post completely, so you can know everything about running your French Bulldog. Ensure, to be with me till the end of this article, so you don’t end up missing something crucial.

Without any further talking, let’s head over to the topic.

How Fast a Can French Bulldogs Run?

Before you get to the main topic, it’s critical for you to know whether the French Bulldogs can run or not. SO the simplest answer would be yes, they can run but not as fast as other dogs do. Why?

French Bulldogs are indoor dogs that usually spend most of their time in the house. They don’t have the capability to do some sort of that physical exercise that makes them use too much strength.

Can You Measure the Running Speed Of Your French Bulldog

In simple words, they’re quite a lazy species of dogs that don’t have as much strength to do physical activities as other species of dogs. But, it doesn’t mean that they can’t run at all, they can definitely run and go jogging with you, but they won’t be able to do it consistently.

The French Bulldogs usually like going on short running into the park with their loved ones, but not so long-running like in kilometers. You can’t make them run so much, it would be harmful to them. Why would it be harmful to them?

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How Fast a Can French Bulldogs Run?

French Bulldog’s Health issues

As a Frenchie owner, you may know that despite having an adorable appearance, the French Bulldogs have a number of health issues that keep them from doing a lot of physical activities. 

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The things that other species of dogs can do easily, like running, the French Bulldog can’t do it so well as they have a breathing problem. 

french bulldog health

When they run faster than they’re capable of or do something more than their capacity, they start having trouble breathing which can be too much sometimes. Therefore, they get exhausted too early compared to other dogs.

Another issue that the French Bulldogs have is that they can’t bear the heat. Their capability of bearing heat is too less, which stops them from running too fast, especially outside the house. So, how fast can a french Bulldog run despite having these health issues? 

How Fast a French Bulldog Run?

Just like humans have different capabilities for doing certain things. same like that, every French Bulldog has a different capability of running as per their physical capabilities. 

But, how will they measure their speed? It’s easy; there is a tool available in the market called GPS sports watches; mostly, all of the owners use this tool to measure the speed of their French Bulldogs. So you can use this tool too.

When the speed test of the French Bulldogs Running was done, it found out they can run 12mph to 17mph, which is obviously quite lower than the other breeds, but when with these many health issues, it’s pretty good.

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How Can You Measure the Running Speed Of Your French Bulldog?

Now, you must be thinking about how one can test the speed of their french bulldogs. There are two ways you can test your French Bulldog’s running speed from. 

The first is using a GPS tracker watch, and the second is using a sports speed radar. I’m going to teach you both of the speed test methods step by step, so you can easily do it at home. Just follow the below-mentioned instructions.

French Bulldog’s Health issues

1) Frenchies Speed test using Sports Speed Radar

french bulldog speed radar

Sports radar is a machine that allows you to track the speed of your Bulldogs with ease. You can easily get your eyes on it from Amazon or any local market. 

Remember, the sports radar might not show you the exact results, there might be something up and down in the results, but we just have to get the number, right? So, it will help you to find that out.

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 The Method

  • Set the Sports speed radar on the ground, and either you run behind your dog or make someone else do it for you, and you focus on the radar.
  • Then there you’ll be able to see the speed of your dog, just see how fast has it run?it will give you an estimate of the speed of your French Bulldogs

You’re done. However, to get a better result you can test your dogs by putting them into different situations. 

Like, when you’re jogging or playing with him, just make sure that you’ve set the Sports speed radar on the ground. This way, you will be able to know how fast your Dog can run in different circumstances.

2) Frenchies Speed Test using GPS Sports Watch

GPS sports watches are known to be the best in the market to do the speed test of your French Bulldogs. 

They show more accurate results than Sports speed radar. The GPS sports watch is set to the collar of your dog and then measures his running speed whenever he starts running. So, how can you use it to test your dog’s speed?

French bulldog GPS Sports Watch

The Method

  • First of all, set the GPS Sports watch on the collar of your French Bulldog.
  • And then, throw any stick and tell your Frenchie to chase it. Dogs are quite fast at chasing things, so they will run after the stick as fast as they can. Meanwhile, the watch will start measuring the speed.
  • You can easily see the results on your device that you connect with the GPS sports watch. There will be mentioned everything, like average heart rate, max heart rate, and all the running dynamics.

So, that was it. Was it difficult? I don’t think so. After doing these tests, you’ll be able to know the running speed of your French Bulldog.

Remember These Things While Doing the Speed Test.

As mentioned above, the French Bulldogs Are not so good at physical activities, so you have to be careful that you don’t force them to run too fast. A number of owners do so to get a high number of their speed tests, which isn’t right at all.

You should only hit their speed for just 10 minutes at once, don’t make too many attempts over and over.

running speed of your French Bulldog

It will be detrimental to the health of your dog. When I did the speed test for my French, I spread out the test over several days, making sure that there was not any pressure on him. 

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You have to do the same. If you’re not satisfied with the results of the device or you think you could have tried a better method, then don’t give it a shot at that time, do it the next day. Make sure you follow these tips while doing the test.

Who is the fastest Bulldog in the world?

There are many types of French Bulldogs, some are quite good at running. So, who is the fastest Bulldog in the species of French Bulldogs? There are two types of dogs that are considered to be faster than other Frenchies.,  

Braden Frederick’s precious mascot is considered to be one of the fastest French Bulldog in the world. When its speed test was done, it ran from 24km to 76mph, which is not a small number. Compared to normal French Bulldogs, this speed is very high. Therefore, this is not just the fastest Frenchie in the world but in history.

Who is the fastest Bulldog in the world

Point to Note

Hey French Bulldog lovers, I hope now you guys know how fast a French Bulldog can run. Also, you know how you do the speed test of your Frenchie. Ivé tried to cover everything related to this topic as people are curious to know about it. 

Also, it’s an important thing that affects the health of the dogs directly. Therefore, You have to keep the health of your dog in your mind while making them do any sort of physical activity. Don’t make them run continuously as they get exhausted very quickly and it can be dangerous for them. 

When you’re taking a speed test for your dog, make sure you spread the test out into a week and take the test for only 10 minutes every day. Because French Bulldogs can’t run so much at once. 

Don’t try to get the speed test results in one day, the device may not give you the proper results in one take, so you may have to put the dog into different situations to get better results.  And to do that, you have to be patient and don’t put so much pressure on your Frenchie.

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