French Bulldog Blue Eye – Explained & Unlimited Guide

The French bulldog blue eye is a brilliant puppy with an energetic personality & delightful appearance. Some Frenchies have an added feature of lovely blue-colored eyes that catches the heart of those who are fortunate enough to possess their own precious French blue eyed puppy. These blue-eyed bulldogs are one of the world’s most famous small breed puppies with a strong body & smooth coat.

Color Shades:

Brindle BlueAKCSilver blueGray-blueFawn BlueLight BlueLilacBlue Merle, and Solid Blue.


French bulldog blue eyes

How do French bulldogs get blue eyes?

The blue-eyed French bulldogs are available in dozens of fur colors. Apart from the basic colors that the AKC permits, they also exist in some atypical colors such as blue, lilac & Isabella. However, it’s not just the color of their fur but also their eye color that catches & grabs pet lovers’ attention.

The blue color of these French puppies is usually available or present in M-locus & S-locus genes. The Merle French bulldog blue eye is an example of the M-locus gene, whereas the S-locus appears in piebald pooches. The blue eye color might also be due to a recessive gene a dog may carry. Therefore it’s not at all surprising to see a Frenchie with blue eyes.

Some Facts about French bulldog blue eye:

  • Health:

This rare breed of a French bulldog blue eye is associated with certain health issues. Blue eyed bulldogs are more prone to develop visual impairment, deafness, cataracts, and certain other sensory problems. Some of the worst scenarios can be born with either one eye only or just one functional eye. That certainly will be a matter of concern in the long run, specifically for your pet’s health and safety.

Some Facts about French bulldog blue eye

  • Risks:

Along with the potential risk of eye problems, these French bulldog blue eyes are prone to catch certain skin allergies as well. Therefore, it is really important to take care of your pet while at the house or on a walk. It is also advised to pay regular visits to vet doctors for their overall well-being.

  • Costs:

As the Frenchie with blue eyes is a rare breed, that’s why it’s a little costly compared to bulldogs with brown eyes. However, you can purchase a baby blue colored-eye bulldog at a relatively low price because all pups have blue eyes.

  • Temperament:

Most Frenchies and bulldogs are expressive and have fun-loving nature. They are so adorable. The Frenchies love to do exercises and physical activity for a shorter duration. However, if they have any eye-related or any other health issue, they’ll be tetchier and less playful.

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blue french bulldog blue eye

  • Breeding the blue-eyed bulldog:

It is generally not safe to breed the blue-eyed bulldog with any other rare breed, as this may cause an increased risk of health-related issues in the future. It is more likely to cause any complication in the offspring if the parents have any pre-existing health condition. Therefore, it is recommended and encouraged to let the certified breeders breed the Frenchies to lessen or minimize the risk of puppies’ complications.

  • Having both eyes with different colors:

Yes, you read it right. These French bulldog blue eyes can have both eyes with different colors & it happens due to a phenomenon called ‘heterochromia.’ It means that your pet can have two different colored eyes. If this dual-color is from birth, then it’s not a matter of concern. However, if your pet has changed the eye color suddenly, then you need to visit a vet as soon as possible, as it might be due to any serious health issue. Therefore, to rule out any risk, you should pay a visit to the nearest veterinarian.

Breeding the blue-eyed bulldog

  • Is the blue-colored-eye gene prominent in male or female:

The ratio of having blue-colored eyes in male or female French bulldogs is generally the same. Both genders are capable of carrying this gene equally. You can pick and choose as per your wish the gender of the bulldog while searching for blue-eyed Frenchie.

Where can you find blue colored eye French bulldog?

It is always better to get a rare breed blue-eyed bulldog from a reputable breeder. Good breeders breed pets keeping in mind the health standards. However, if you’ll get a puppy from an unreliable source, then you’ll probably be facing health issues shortly.

find blue colored eye French bulldog

Why French bulldog with blue eyes makes great pets:

These French bulldogs’ blue eyes that possess smooth fur & a strong physique are among the smallest & world-famous breeds of bulldogs. These French bulldogs became quite famous in France. Therefore, later became popular as French bulldogs.

Currently, they are famous worldwide, especially in Paris as well as the United States. But the question is, are they good enough to be good pets? We are going to discuss this in this article. After reading this article, it will be easy for you to find the best Frenchie. Just stay tuned.

Blue French bulldog

Top reasons why Frenchies with blue eyes make great pets:

  • They are adorable:

The French bulldog puppies with blue eyes are so damn adorable that they capture most pet lovers’ attention and affection. With their wrinkled face and big loopy ears, they look so innocent and eye-catchy. They have large eyes with gloomy smooth fur that varies in color like fawn & white streak, brown & black. They are exceptionally sweet and appealing with a short, squat tail and short legs.

  • They are entertaining:

The French bulldog’s blue eyes are so entertaining that they catch everyone’s attention like a magnet. They infrequently become a powerhouse of energy. They’ll entertain you by making the funniest faces& moves. They usually get overheated, exhausted & tired easily because of their short nostrils & brachycephalic skull.

  • French bulldogs with blue eyes are loving:

The French bulldog blue eyes are so loving & friendly in many ways. They express their love by kissing your face and shaking their tail. In other breeds of bulldogs, if they are staring at you, they are aggressive. However, in the case of these Frenchies, they are attention seekers. So, they stare & look directly into your eyes with love.

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French bulldogs with blue eyes are loving

  • French bulldogs are friendly & Love to mingle:

These French bulldogs with blue eyes are incredibly friendly and social. They love to mingle with people and kids. They are very fond of making new friends and are pretty adventurous in that regard. They are extremely outgoing, love to roam around with friends, and very playful.

  • Frenchies are well-bred:

The blue-eyed French bulldogs are extremely well mannered and charming. However, like other puppies, they also need to be trained. This rare breed is considered to be very well tempered as compared to others. Although they are attention seekers and naughty, they do mind their own business and never behave nasty and aggressive.

  • French bulldogs are playful:

These French bulldogs with blue eyes are very playful. They love playing games. You’ll never see them bark or woof while playing. If they want to play with you, they’ll push you to throw something at them. They love throwing balls at them as they enjoy playing a lot.

  • These bulldogs have strong personalities:

These French bulldogs with blue color eyes are quite famous for their larger-than-life persona in a small body. They never show aggressive, impolite behavior. Although due to their small size they can’t help much but always try to help people around. They are mostly super excited when with family and friends.

rare Blue French Bulldogs

  • These French blue-eyed bulldogs are adjustable:

These French bulldogs with blue eyes are extremely flexible and adaptable to their surroundings. They can easily fit any situation or surroundings, whether small or large apartments, for a single person or large family. They adjust in all circumstances, unlike some other pet dog species. They never hesitate to newcomer or outsider guests at home; rather, it’s their favorite pastime.

  • A great choice for small houses or apartments:

These bulldogs are the best choice for small houses or apartments. Owing to their small size and low energy dogs, they don’t jump around or run in the house like some other dogs. That’s why they don’t need much of the space. Moreover, they prefer indoors as compared to outdoors. In houses or apartments where landlords don’t allow large pets or dogs, these small pups can make their place easily.

  • Great family pet:

These French bulldogs are great companions. They love attention and brilliantly fit in the family. These baby bulldogs are excellent playmates for kids. As they are quite well-mannered, they never show any sign of aggression. Unlike some other dogs, these French bulldogs are loving & friendly with every family member and not just one.

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Top reasons why Frenchies with blue eyes

  • Compatibility with other pets:

These French bulldogs, most of the time, get along well with other pets in the family. They love to play with family members and are extremely friendly. They are pretty welcoming towards new people or pets. The trick is to slowly bring in the new pet to adjust easily, as one should keep in mind that other pets might not be as friendly and social as they are.

  • They don’t need too much exercise:

As discussed earlier, they can’t exercise much because of their short size and small nostrils, especially if it is for a longer duration. Therefore, if you are short on time, you need not worry; little is enough in that case. Going out for a walk makes them happy and excited, but they don’t lose their temper if you cannot take them out every day.

  • They don’t growl much:

These French bulldogs don’t bark much as they are comparatively quiet dogs. If the family gets loud, these French bulldogs don’t lose their minds and remain calm. This trait is a very good feature in these dogs that they are not that noisy compared to some other dogs.

  • Protective whenever required:

These French blue-eyed bulldogs are protective. By nature, they are quiet and not that noisy. Therefore, if they bark that too continuously and loud, there is always justification for it.

  • Training is convenient:

These bulldogs are intelligent species. Therefore, it is not a difficult task to train them. It sometimes happens that they show rigidness, but with little patience, you can easily manage them. They are usually fast pickers and always anxious to please their people.

french bull dogs blue eyes

  • Nominal grooming needed:

Those people who have saint Bernard, Siberian husky and golden retrievers as pets are well aware that these dogs possess an excess of fur, which sheds all of the time. However, these French bulldogs require minimal grooming as they own fur that is smooth, short, and thick. That’s why it’s easy to bathe them. 

Shedding is done twice yearly only.

  • Affectionate towards their human companions:

These blue-colored eyes bulldogs are extremely loving and caring. They would love to be around their human family all the time. It is visible through their body language how much they enjoy their company.

Final words:

The French bulldogs are stunning, charming, and adorable little pets. The rare blue-eyed French bulldog is probably the most expensive Frenchie, but the price is worth it as they are very beautiful. Always look out for any unusual signs and symptoms of any health-related issue, but if you take your pup to the vet often, they are going to live long and happily with you.

I hope you will find this article very helpful and informative that provides you with the necessary information regarding the rare breed of blue-eyed French bulldogs.

If you have had the experience of living with them, you can add more to why they are good pets.

However, if you think of having one at your home, these traits would be convincing enough to convince you to adopt one now.

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