Fawn Blue French Bulldog – Prices & Complete Guide

Yes, I understand that finding a puppy as adorable and fluffy as yours seems impossible, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Meet Blue Fawn, a Fawn Blue French Bulldog with a blue coat. This beautiful pup is one of the most attractive canines we’ve seen in quite some time.

Nick NamesBlue Fawn Frenchie, Blue Fawn Bouledogue Francais
AKC RecognitionNo
Size11-33 inches tall
Weight21-28 pounds
Height11-13 inches
ColorsFawn with a grey and blue
Friendliness with KidsVery high
Canine FriendlinessVery-High
Train abilityLow
Grooming UpkeepHigh
Exercise NeedsNo Need much
HealthLot of Issues
Lifespan10-12 years Long
Puppy Price$5000 to $7000
Fawn Blue French Bulldog

I can tell you that any animal lover will fall in love with them at first sight because of this. Give these adorable canines a shot even if they aren’t your traditional breeds like German Shepherd or Labradoodle. If you’re looking for something fresh and unique, then give them a chance.

A fawn with blue eyes In addition to having a light brown coat, Fawn Blue French Bulldogs also have a grey mask over their faces. Green, light brown, or blue are the most common colors for their eyes. Frenchie’s with blue fawn coats are excluded from the show ring, although they are popular as pets.

Unfortunately, they are prone to serious health issues, which prospective owners should know before purchasing one of these animals.

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Fawn Blue French Breeding


Blue fawns have a blue face because they have two versions of a gene mutation called the dilute gene, which causes their eyes to become blue. The term “gene mutation” refers to the fact that the consequences of a gene are only manifested when two copies of the altered gene are present in a puppy at birth. There are two that they have inherited: one from their mother and the other from their father.

Fawn Blue French Bulldogs

The dilute gene decreases the amount of darker pigmentation in black-pigmented hair, causing them to look grey instead of black.

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Because the dilute gene might have unexpected health implications in French Bulldogs that express it, color dilution is expressly excluded from fulfilling the official breed standard.

Appearance of Fawn Blue Frenchie

A blue fawn Frenchie is distinguished by a fawn coat and a blue mask. Quite naturally, the fur that covers a dog’s face, including its nose, the area surrounding its eyes, and the area over its head and ears, is known as its mask.

Of course, the word ‘blue’ does not literally imply blue, but rather a soft grey. Only a minor distinction from the permitted black mask exists, but it is significant to French Bulldog purists who believe in the breed’s traditional appearance.

Fawn Blue French Bulldog Prices

In many cases, the color dilution goes to the blue fawn Frenchies’ eyes, which may be brownish, blue, or green in hue. The breed standard also considers this to be a reason for disqualification.

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Blue fawns have a shorter, tight coat, similar to the coat of all other Frenchies. Only a small amount of brushing is required to maintain it. However, washing blue fawn with color dispersion alopecia frequently with a mild vet-prescribed shampoo may be necessary to prevent infection from reaching the skin where it is irritated and alleviate itching and irritation.

Fawn Blue French

All French Bulldogs require extra attention to ensure that the creases around their faces are kept clean. Those heated crevices in the skin are a perfect breeding place for germs to thrive.


Fawn blue French bulldog adore their human family and make an effort to maintain touch with them regularly. On hot days, either outside enjoying games in the yard or snuggling on a couch in an air-conditioned room, depending on how cool it is outside.

The coloration of a blue fawn is not connected with any variations in temperament or personality. As a result, they don’t include any shocks in this section. However, potential owners should be warned that because Frenchies were intended to be company dogs, they have a difficult time adjusting to the idea of being left alone.

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When left alone, they are susceptible to anxiety issues, which manifest in destructive activities and barking.


Sadly, French Bulldogs are not a super healthy breed of dog, to begin with. Moreover, adding color dilution to their coat poses further health concerns to them.

Blue Fawn French Bulldog

Comparing French Bulldogs of all colors to the general canine population, French Bulldogs of all colors have a considerably higher risk of the following criteria:

  • Food allergies and allergies to items in the atmosphere, such as pollen grains and fragrances, are common.
  • Short-legged dwarfism, known as chondrodystrophy, is connected with a higher risk of the severe spine ailment intervertebral disc degeneration, which can be debilitating.
  • Degenerative myelopathy is a neurological disease that affects the spine.
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia are two types of dysplasia.
  • Luxating patellae are knee caps that have slipped out of place.
  • Because their eyeballs protrude so far, they might sustain damage to the surface of their eyes.
  • Breathing issues caused by having a flat face, such as tracheal hypoplasia, are common. They frequently need to undergo costly surgery to assist canines in breathing properly and regulating the body’s temperature through panting. In hot weather, dogs that are not properly cared for are in significant danger of falling and even suffering from heatstroke.

Health Problems

Furthermore, the blue fawn French Bulldogs are susceptible to a genetic disease known as Color Dilution Alopecia, which causes hair loss. CDA creates bald spots in their coat that are itchy and flaky. It can be controlled to keep the exposed skin from itching and becoming infected, but it cannot be healed completely.

Fawn Blue French Bull Dog Behavior

Pre-breeding testing for dogs to determine whether or not they contain the defective gene that causes color dilution alopecia is impossible because the disease does not manifest itself in afflicted puppies until they are adults.

You must thus have complete faith in the honesty of your breeder for them to eliminate afflicted animals and their relatives from their conventional breeding when purchasing a blue fawn French Bulldog.

Is it uncommon to find Blue Fawn French Bulldogs?

Blue Fawn French Bulldog price

As far as genetics are concerned, blue fawn French Bulldogs should be incredibly uncommon since they are the product of a rare gene combination that other more widespread genes should typically conceal.

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Breeders who wish to produce blue fawn puppies can simply ‘engineer’ a litter of puppies to achieve their goal. On the other hand, breeders are uncommon in that they purposefully produce pups that do not conform to their specific breed.

Despite this, blue fawn Frenchie’s have attracted the attention of many pet owners who like the notion of owning something uncommon and unusual. Wherever there is a market for something, unethical breeders and puppy mills quickly capitalize on the opportunity.

Therefore, blue fawn puppies are frequently offered for sale, often for several thousand dollars per dog. However, these dogs are often even more ill than the ordinary Frenchie, as the designer has bred them for color and income rather than for health and well-being.

As a matter of principle, ethical breeders would frequently refuse to charge extra for unusually colored puppies to prevent making them more tempting to profiteering puppy farms and puppy mills.

Should You Buy a Fawn Blue Puppy?

Regrettably, Blue French Bulldogs suffer greatly due to health issues humans have intentionally bred into them by pursuing an extreme body form in their breeding program.

These Frenchies are susceptible to all of these problems, as well as the possibility of having unsightly color dilution alopecia (hair loss).

Should You Buy a Fawn Blue Puppy

As a result, we cannot encourage the breeding of these pups, and we do not propose that you assist the breeding of these pups by purchasing one as a puppy. If you have your heart set on a Frenchie, you might want to think about adopting a senior dog from a dog shelter instead.

Among the most popular breeds to be surrendered to shelters is the Blue French BullDog, which occurs when their owners realize they will not cover the veterinary expenses connected with their care in the future.


Fawn Blue Bulldogs have light brown eyes and are quite delicate, so take care while handling them. However, they have a blueish-grey coat, which is ideal for people who do not want their pup to appear too common or conventional in appearance.

Future owners should be aware that these dogs require a great deal of care since, if left alone, they can get bored and destructive. This is because they were developed as companion animals and were never intended to work, but rather to hang out at home with you all day long!

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