Blue Merle French Bulldog – Everything You Want to Know 

Bulldogs are the most common dog breed people love to have as pets. But the bulldog alone has so many adorable breeds that you can get yourself occupied by so many options. One of the most beautiful and rarest colored breeds of Bulldogs is called Merle French Bulldogs and further, we have a sub-category known as Blue Merle French Bulldogs.

Nick NamesBlue Merle Frenchie
SizeShort Small
Weight21-28 pounds
Height11-13 inches
Lifespan10-15 inches
Puppy Price$8000 to $50,000
Blue Merle French Bulldog

The big round blue eyes in a Bulldog face and patterned coat of the blue eyed French bulldogs will attract you so much that you wanted to have one right away. Recently the blue merle French bulldogs have gained popularity around the world due to their unique appearance, eyes, and of course, their friendly nature, and many people are curious to know more about them.

Thus, we are here to provide you all of the information you need to know about the blue merle french bulldog puppy. In this article, we will have a brief discussion about their breed, appearance, health issues, and how to raise one if you want to. We can ensure that by the end of this article you will fall in love with the beautiful Merle Frenchie.

What is a Merle French Bulldog?

Like other Frenchies, the Merle French Bulldogs are small, very active, and a friend pet in nature. They are also one of the most loyal breeds that spreads joy and happiness wherever they go. One of the easiest ways to identify the merle American bulldog is by its beautiful coat with a variety of patterns. They have a solid-colored coat, with stripes and polka dots all over them. The big round and innocent eyes will catch your attention.

Blue Merle French Bulldog

There are many different breeds in the American bulldog further based on their color. Following are the most popular breeds available for pets:

  1. Lilac Merle
  2. Black Merle
  3. Blue Merle

Today we are going to discuss the beautiful blue merle french bulldog in particular.

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What is a Blue Merle French Bulldog?

 The blue-eyed French bulldogs or blue bulldog merle were officially introduced to the community because of their blue eyes. Many may say that their coat is what makes them different, but it is all about the beautiful blue eyes with solid-colored coats. The coat can have many variations of regular and irregular patterns with black, white, and brown.

The Blue Merle French Bulldog Puppy gene, in particular, has a random modification of solid color all through their body, face, paws, and pads with removed pigments. Therefore, some areas of their body may have missing patterns giving them irregular spots and stripes on the coat.

Blue Merle French Bulldog Puppy

The blue-eyed French bulldogs may also experience pigment removal on the iris which is called heterochromia iridis. Indeed, it is also a phenomenon that is very popular in Blue merle bulldogs and people are fascinated by it as well.

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Just in case you want to have a French bulldog with permanent blue eyes then buying a Blue-eyed Merle is important. All of the Merle Frenchie breeds from Lilac to black have blue eyes characteristics in them when they are puppies. So do keep in mind once they are grown into mature dogs you may witness the beautiful changes in not just their bodies but in the eyes too. But the blue merle French bulldogs will have blue eyes throughout their life.

Origin of the Blue Merle French Bulldog Breed

Blue Merle French Bull dog

All of the Merle Frenchies are not a pure breed. They are a combination of a dog with a merle gene and a chihuahua dog. But there is a catch that two merle breeds can be bred to create more of their types. But again, they are not purebred since their parents are not purebred either. It may sound confusing but in simple words, the first Merle bulldog was a cross between a bulldog Frenchie and a chihuahua.

Therefore, because of the mixed breed and interesting origin of the Merle blue-eyed french bulldogs the American Kettle Club (AKC) does not consider them as a standard breed. They are very special and cost a bit more than their true breeders.

Health Issue Of  Blue Eyed French Bulldogs

Once you are deciding on buying the Blue Eyed French Bulldogs puppy you might have heard that they have a notorious reputation as a pet due to their many health defects. They are prone to have many several medical conditions since they are not a pure breed. These issues are then divided into three major categories like Body health issues, ear defects, and eyes defects.

Body Healthy Defects

Here is a few of the body health issue that you should in the blue Merle Frenchies:

  1. Intertrigo

The skin and coat of bulldogs are heavy and saggy. Due to being intact in the folds of skin, rubbing together, all the time they began to have inflamed skin. It is very hard to treat because the saggy skin is natural, and you can always isolate active dogs like Merle.

Health Issue Of  Blue Eyed French Bulldogs
  1. Epilepsy

Epilepsy is suddenly occurring of seizures. It is one of the common diseases that Merle Frenchie may be facing, and it happens so rapidly that you can find yourself worried especially around the children. They recover from it soon after the attack but the reoccurring effect is the behavior of the pet too.

  1. Perineal Hernia

It is a condition where the pelvic abdominal organs are naturally displaced. It does sound scary, but it is also a common defect found in the Merle bulldogs. It is better to consult the vent or any specialist dog doctor because it is painful for the pet as well.

  1. Brachycephalic Obstructive Syndrome

Brachycephalic Obstructive Syndrome, also unknown as BOS is a common skeletal defect not just in Merle but in a few bulldogs as well. As you can see the Blue Frenchie Merles are small-sized skulls even if they are full adults. The small skull causes the narrow air-breathing tube for the Merle. Thus, they can shorten their breath easily and often face difficulty in breathing. Since it is a natural defect, the Merle is very special to be taken care of.

  1. Luxating Patella
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It is also a common defect, and it is associated with the issue of the Merle with walking. In Luxating Patella, the patella also known as kneecaps is dislocated. An owner can avoid it with less movement, but it eventually happens and can be looked after by the vent.

  1. Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis is also known as Atopy is an allergy to any environmental substance. The issue is that the allergic substance can be anything and the reaction of Merle’s body may be different too. It is often hard to identify what exactly causes the allergic reaction. But it is always best to contact any vent or the pace where you purchased the Merle.

Blue Merle French Bulldog

Ear Defects

Most of the blue merle French bulldogs suffer auditory problems that make the training hard for many pet owners. A merle French Bulldog will suffer hearing loss either by the time of birth or the defect can develop over time when they are grown into adults.

The main reason for the defect is crossbreeding. That’s why the breeding of two Merles is always discouraged also to control the extreme defect in the off-springs.

Eyes Defects

The crossbred may have many eye defects too. Some may occur at birth, but few develop over time. Here are the few major Eyes issues of Blue Merle bulldogs:

  1. Blindness

You may notice that Blue-eyed Frenchie may not see you or the ball you throw for it to fetch. It is because they are either blind by one eye or with both. This defect is again by birth or developed over time. It is so sad but they are cheerful dogs.

  1. Cataracts

One of the main causes of blindness is Cataracts. It is a condition where the eye’s lens begins to form a cloud over it. This can lead to unclear vision and then blindness.

  1. Jagged Pupils

The blue-eyed Merle eyes may become light-sensitive and avoid the outdoors because of the jagged pupil. It makes the edges of the pupil irregular and jagged therefore the eyes are prone to become sensitive to the light. 

  1. Corectopia

It is the issue where the pupil of the eyes displaces from their normal center. It is ok for a Merle to have Corectopia in one eye since it will not affect the vision that much. If you notice the issue in both eyes, then it may lead to blindness and unclear vision.

How to take care of Blue Merle French Bulldog
  1. Microphthalmia

It is a defect by birth. Microphthalmia is usually the eyes that are smaller than the normal size. Therefore, it causes unclear vision and blindness in the blue-eyes Merle bulldogs.

Where To Find Blue-eyed Merle American Bulldog?

The blue Merle American Bulldogs are popular because of their down-to-earth and cuddly nature. Even though they have many health issues they are still loyal and comforting pets to have. You do not need a large space to have them, they are indoor dogs by nature and they have health defects and they will find their happiness around you.

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Merle French Bulldog

If you are serious about buying one, then we will suggest having one from a reputable Merle French breeder. As we have already discussed, their breed is not very easy to breed therefore, you may not find a reliable breeder easily as well.

A responsible breeder must know all about the Merles species and how they are bred with the pure breed of bulldogs and chihuahua. They will also then complicate both breeding and the health issue the blue-eyed Merle Frenchie faces.

Indeed, there are many AKC-recognized breeders who would breed them if you asked them to do so. They will gather the people with the interest and once they are bred, the little Blue Frenchie pup will be handed over to the interested owners. If not, then they are looked after under serious observation of the breeder’s institute.

Since breeding merle French Bulldogs isn’t an easy task, it’s not so easy to find a breeder. Responsible breeders must find a merle dog and a purebred French Bulldog to breed, complete health checks, and ensure that both dogs are at least fairly healthy before breeding. Then, of course, breeding takes time and money. With that said, finding a merle French Bulldog is also not so simple. You can always contact them to check your preference. Few of them also rescue such dogs. The options for you are unlimited once you are out there searching for one.

Merle French BulldogHow to take care of Blue Merle French Bulldog?

Once you have the furry little guy to become your family them there are a few things that you take care of:

Training and Exercise

Training may be difficult for Merle French Bulldogs because of their health defects. All you need is patience and training them by treating them with love and delicious treats. Pups are easy to train but adults may show some stubbornness.

Similarly, exercise is not essential for them, but you will find them curious and active as a pup and down to earth and a bit inactive as adults. We recommend having small walks or playing fetch ball with them.


Food is not an issue for Merle bulldogs. They can eat anything, but you can keep a balance between food and exercise because weight gain is a big no for blue Merle Frenchies because of health defects. Consult a vent for it.

Grooming and Baths

Even though the Blue Merle bulldogs have beautiful coats, they do not shed. But you can regularly comb their coat and clean them and the skin folds. You can bathe them every month since they do not go outdoors that much.

Find Blue eyed Merle American Bulldog


The Blue-eyed French Merle Bulldogs are very special and loyal as pets. Even though they have some serious health issues they are still adorable to have around. It is better to learn all about them and have them as pets. This is the best way to do so.

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