Blue French Bulldog Price – Why Are They So Expensive

Blue French Bulldog Price

What is the Blue French Bulldog Price in UK, USA, INDIA, AUSTRALIA, Philippines, and Canada? We list prices in USD, so you can convert the $ rate into your country’s currency. Are expensive Frenchies really worth buying? On average French bulldog’s cost ranges from 1500$ to 3500$, sometimes even more. In this article, we will … Read more

French Bulldog Blue Eye – Explained & Unlimited Guide

French bulldog blue eyes

The French bulldog blue eye is a brilliant puppy with an energetic personality & delightful appearance. Some Frenchies have an added feature of lovely blue-colored eyes that catches the heart of those who are fortunate enough to possess their own precious French blue eyed puppy. These blue-eyed bulldogs are one of the world’s most famous … Read more

Lilac Blue French Bulldog: Price, Puppies, [Everything]

lilac blue french bulldog

Lilac French Bulldogs are extremely rare, and their lilac coats and beautiful light-colored eyes make them both charming and unusual. This intelligent, loving companion is affectionately known as Isabella, and she is one of the most uncommon breeds of Frenchie as glucosamine or chondroitin sulfate can also help. The Lilac Blue French Bulldog is an … Read more

Solid Blue French Bulldog: Most Rare Breed

solid blue french bulldogs

French Bulldogs are among the greatest canines available because of their tiny stature, sweetness, and ability to be a good friends. The solid Blue French Bulldogs are among the most popular hues among French Bulldog owners, even though the Breed comes in various colors. The Solid blue French Bulldog is well-known for its complete blue … Read more

Long Haired Blue French Bulldog (*Nobody Knows*)

Long haired blue French Bulldog

Looking for Long Haired Blue French Bulldog? Before you adopt one, you should know hidden things about it like price, health issues, and other things. French bulldogs are available in various colors and sizes, from the more common coat colors to the unusually colored Frenchies that capture everyone’s attention. However, this is not the end … Read more

Gray Blue French Bulldog: All You Need to Know

Gray Blue French Bulldog

Looking to adopt Gray Blue French Bulldog? The lovely blue (grey) hue of the French Bulldog is the consequence of a gene called dilution. The coat colors vary from extremely light grey to practically black, but even in that scenario, it is possible to tell that the dog has Down syndrome by looking at his … Read more