Blue French Bulldog – Aka Blue Frenchie (9 Best Things)

Whenever we think about having a pet, the dog is the first option that appears in our minds. But when we think about the environment, exercise, food, and attention dogs generally need, we get discouraged. We assume we can’t keep dogs in city apartments.

Blue French Bulldog Image

But guess what? There are certain types of dogs that are best for the city apartments. We are talking about Blue French Bulldog aka blue Frenchie. If you are really looking forward to having a pet in your city apartment, give this blog a careful read.

Name Blue Frenchie
Height 11-12 Inches
Weight 20 – 30 Pounds
Size  Small, Medium (Adult)
Age (Lifespan) 10 – 14 Years
Colors Brindle Blue, AKC, Silver blue, Gray-blue, Fawn Blue, Light Blue, Lilac, Blue Merle, Solid Blue
Price (Cost) $1000 – $4500

History of Blue French bulldog

As we humans inherit our physical traits from our parents, dogs do the same. From the color of their fur to their body structure, everything depends on genetics.

The Blue French Bulldog originated from a crossbreeding that took place between the English bulldog ancestors and domestic matters in France. Earlier, a ban was imposed on blood sorts such as sports bull-baiting. This ban led to the transportation of bulldogs from England to France. Major transportation took place during the French Industrial Revolution. That’s how Blue French Dog came into existence and acquired its name.

Little cute frenchie

The appearance of Blue French Bulldogs

These dogs have a small body structure with little fur. Their height usually falls between 11inches to 13 inches. Besides the small body, they also have less fat, thus possess less weight as compared to the other types of dogs. Their weight usually falls under 28lbs.

Another noticeable physical feature of Blue French Bulldogs Puppies is their ears which are short and much similar to a bat’s ear.

Mini blue french bulldog puppy

Are Blue French Bulldogs really blue?

The word “blue” here refers to the dilute color of the dog’s coat. Dogs inherit this blue-colored coat through a recessive gene called the dilution gene.

When a French bulldog inherits two copies of the dilution gene then it appears to be a light blue French blue dog. So we conclude that blue Frenchie bulldogs do possess a blue coat.

However, this blue coat or expression of the dilution gene puts the dog at high risk of a genetic skin disorder called Colour Dilution alopecia. We will talk about this skin condition further in our blog.

Laying on bed Blue French Bulldogs

Blue French Dog Temperament

Blue French Bulldogs are generally happy French bulldogs. They are very easy-going and get along quickly. The blue Frenchie puppy loves to play games that don’t involve much physical exercise. They keep others entertained with their cutest gestures and attention-seeking behavior.

If you don’t give them due attention, they may show nuisance barking. But most of the time they stay quiet and remain curled up in their beds.

While discussing the temperament of a blue French bulldog, it is important to mention that these dogs don’t like to indulge in exercise. They are super lazy and prefer games that don’t exhaust them physically.

Do Blue French Bulldogs shed?

Good news: Blue French Bulldogs show minimal shedding.

But, it is important to mention here that Blue French Bulldogs are more likely to suffer from a skin condition called Alopecia. From 4 months to 2 years is the period when they usually develop this skin condition. This skin condition majorly affects the blue areas on the dog’s skin. So if your dog has solid blue fur, it will get affected more. On the other hand, if you have a blue and white French bulldog, Blue pied French Bulldogs, or French bulldog grey, then its blue patches will get affected while the rest of the fur will remain intact.

Blue French Bull Dog

The following symptoms of Alopecia will help you to find if your dog has developed this skin condition or it is a happy French bulldog:

How to groom a Blue French Bulldog?

Following their short body structure, they possess a short fur coat. They shed minimal hair, thus easy to look after as compared to other types of dogs. They hardly need brushing.

You can keep them groomed and pleasant-looking by brushing their fur once a addition to that, take good care of their nails. As the Blue French Bulldogs don’t exercise regularly, their nails grow awkwardly long. You have to keep a careful eye on them and cut their nails timely.

Teacup blue Frenchie

Blue French Bulldogs for Sale (Price)

Evidently, Blue French Dogs are expensive because they are considered unique and exotic. And if you are looking for a blue French bulldog full-grown, gear up to pay even more. However, a mini French bulldog is available at a lesser price.

The cost of French Bulldogs ranges from $2000 to $3000.


  • They are not aggressive; rather they have a calm nature.
  • They have a little coat that doesn’t require a lot of cutting, grooming, regular brushing, or maintenance
  • They are lazy and don’t cause any disturbance in the house. You will find them curled up in bed most of the time.
  • They love to steal the spotlight and for that, they show cute gestures.
  • They have small body structures that make them perfect for the city apartments
  • With the blue coat and little body structure, they possess a cute and attractive appearance.


  • As they are exotic and unique, you have to pay a great price to get them.
  • They are super lazy so sometimes it could be annoying for you.
  • They suffer from a rare skin condition called Alopecia that makes them shed a lot of hair.

Blue French Bulldogs for Sale

These bulldogs are under-recognized

As mentioned earlier, these dogs are artificially bred selectively so the dog breeders do not recognize and accept them along with other natural breeds. In contests or competitions, these dogs are not allowed to enter due to the fact that they are selectively bred and have ambiguous colors. Though the breed is accepted due to the novel fur coloring, they are banned to enter. The ones that are given entry are the ones with fur colors like brindle, white, and fawn plus a blend of brindle and white.

If a dog with blue color is taken, the associations will not consider it an actual bulldog thus refusing to enter. The blue color is seen as alarming to dog organizations because it is considered vulnerable and a target of many diseases and viruses. The prevalent acceptance of blue bulldogs is that they suffer from a certain condition familiar to be blue dog alopecia. But not all bulldogs are suffering from this discoloration. And this has been causing a point of a rift among different organizations. Female Frenchie is a little different from the male pet.

Colour Variations among Blue Frenchies

Not French:

Contrary to what the name donates, these dogs are not French in actuality. This factoid comes as surprising to owners and common people equally.  Actually, they belong to England. They have an English origin rather than the romantic origin of France. They originated from a smaller area in England known as Nottingham. The fact that they are called French is still unknown. These dogs became popular in the Eighteenth Century. They were abundantly adopted by lacemakers as lapdogs. They were adored pets during that time.

Lazy in Nature:

French Bulldog Times cute photo

There are numerous breeds of French bulldogs, but especially Frenchie is not an active dog breed. Frenchie is the kind of dog that needs not to be active to be healthy and happy. They have an excellent metabolism so the chances of becoming obese or overweight are very slim. They love to relax in their laps that is why they are termed lapdogs. Relax in the laps and taking naps often is their favorite activity.

If you own this breed, then take it for a small walk or free him in the yard to roam around on its own, this will make it feel delighted and your pet will stay happy. They will not wander around while roaming. After performing the routines, they will come back to their place and do their usual napping and relaxation and become lazy dogs in accordance with their nature.

Get Cold Often:

The fur of these bulldogs is not quite thick as they have only one coat of fur on their bodies. This thinness of the coat makes them vulnerable to getting cold. So in cold weather, they catch a cold often easily. Even during summer, when the air conditioner is working at lower temperatures, it becomes cold. They prefer to snuggle near blankets to find warmth when in an environment with lower temperatures.

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Blue Frenchie Bulldog puppy

If you live in an area with cold climatic conditions, then you need to take extra care of these dogs. They need to be wrapped in warm clothing or garb because of their intolerance of cold. So for blue Frenchie owners tend to don them in clothing not just out of fashion sense, but because it is requisite to keep them warm. They are unable to walk on snowy layers because this will make them sick and cold. So during cold, it is best for them to stay home and snuggle in warm conditions.

Inability to Swim:

These adorable little dogs are not good at swimming. They do not so good in water plus they abhor water. While some dogs are known for their love for spending time in water, oceans, lake, or pool, but that is not the case for the blue Frenchie. Their short legs are assumed to be a reason that renders them unable to swim so they hate to be in the water.

Rare Natural Births:

It is very rare that they come into the world naturally. They have a big heads which makes the natural labor process grueling. So if a mother dog is on the due date, the owners take an appointment for them to get C-section so the mother does not suffer a lot. The reason to prevent them from suffering stems from the fact that the damage that happened is often irreversible.

Blue Frenchie Rare Natural Births

And if that case is with a breeder, they certainly do not want to suffer the loss of a high-quality breeding dog that can make money for them. So it is once in a blue moon when you will find a blue Frenchie born naturally without any veterinarian help.

Expensive to Manage:

Now there are two breeds of French bulldogs; one is a normal French bulldog while the other is a blue French bulldog. They are not quite diverse in genetic composition except for different colors. Yet, blue French bulldogs price twice as much as usual French bulldogs.

It seems ludicrous given the fact that they are the same dogs just with a different coat. But the blue Frenchie is rare to find, the factor which makes it unique and costly. They are bred on-demand on special orders. Not every breeder is capable of breeding blue Frenchie. The breeder capable to produce this breed is also rare. Breeders take advantage of this situation and thus earn full profit by exploiting the rareness of blue Frenchies.

As these dogs are artificially bred, they lack robust resistance to health issues and diseases. They fall sick often easily. and get allergies frequently. have other issues related to the skeleton. They injure themselves easily and an injury poses double harm to them than an average dog. And they do harmful jumping activities on purpose frequently. A leaner appointment for treatment of a small injury can cost up to 700$. So one must consider the expenses required in managing this dog before opting to buy one.

Attention Seekers:

The blue Frenchie is different from a normal one in the aspect that it requires your undivided and full-time attention. This trait renders him a kind of attention seeker. It likes to be loved and adored. They do not like to be ignored and cannot tolerate it. They do not like being left out or left alone. Love is all it wants and it yearns for it all the time. When the owner fails to give the required attention, the dog becomes gloomy and sometimes even starts to cry.

It will flip out on sensing that its needs are not properly tended to. Blue Frenchies are like newborns that require someone to be around doting on them all the time. So consider your decision of buying blue Frenchie when you have babies at home. They are often jealous of babies and other pets. This is because they want undivided and full-time attention. So brace yourselves to keep the dog happy all the time if you have decided to take one in the house.


Blue Frenchies snort a lot and they do this loud. This is rooted in malformation as they suffer from brachycephaly which is being broad and flat-faced. These two factors contribute to troubled breathing. The owners should make themselves comfortable and adjusted with heavy and loud breathing if they have a blue Frenchie in the house. They snort and breathe loudly most of the time. They are not among the dogs that tend to keep quiet. If you are unable to sleep in noise then do not adopt a blue Frenchie. The snoring and snorting of bulldogs may disturb the guests at night.

Prone to Allergies:

Owing to the fact that they are artificially bred, they are vulnerable to allergies. Their small size additionally contributes to their vulnerability to allergic reactions. That means you have to frequent the vet from time to time. They suffer from many types of skin allergies. Veterinarians often chalk out a specific diet plan for them that excludes any kind of food that might trigger an allergic reaction in the bodies of these dogs. Some need a peculiar diet solely comprising of organic ingredients used in minute amounts. These dogs are often seen with rashes, allergies, and puffy eyes being taken to the vet.

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Chewing Stuff:

The dogs are tempted to destroy the stuff by chewing. They leave the stuff in complete ruin and it happens due to the anxiety they experience. When the owner leaves them alone at home, they suffer from anxiety. This experience of separation anxiety elicits destructive behavior. But this can be prevented by giving them crate training, specifying a corner of the room solely for them, and bringing a chew toy for them to play with. These measures can lower down their anxiety and help in stopping them from chewing stuff and make them happy French bulldogs.

Colour Variations among Blue Frenchies

Blue Merle Frenchie

This is the most beautiful and exquisite color among this breed. They are very unique-looking and equally hard to breed. They are the result of hybrid breeding between merle Frenchie and blue Frenchie. The genes of Merle show a dominating tendency and thus ninety percent (90%) of the offspring is a blue merle. Merle allele places itself at locus M while non-merle occupies m. When dominant merle M shows itself in the offspring, it dilutes the dark blue color to a lighter one at some segments. The dark blue color represents itself in patches. But these patches have rough edges.

Blue-Fawn Frenchie:

This Frenchie has a slightly dusky fur coat. They receive multiple alleles including two fawn alleles, one recessive blue, and one recessive pine colored. These Frenchies contain dark blue sections with a gene of brindle color. This gene appears around the nose and ears. This color has gained significant popularity among Frenchie breeders.

Blue Fawn Frenchie

Blue Pied French bulldogs:

These dogs have pied color and pattern. It is difficult to attain but not impossible. Though the color is not obtained in desired quality. The breeding of the pied Frenchie and perfect blue Frenchie yields the huge possibility of obtaining the pied puppy. This kind of pattern is recessive for coats with solid colors like cream, fawn, and brindle. These Frenchies have fur of light colors on legs, chest, and cheeks. Sometimes, you can observe this pattern on mere one side of the face.

Blue Brindle Frenchie:

These puppies have a vivid coat of grey/blue color along with spots of brindle. These traces of brindle often appear in stripes and these stripes start showing when a puppy reaches the age of 4 weeks. They have varying eye colors from brown, yellow, and grey.

Health Issues:

Due to selective breeding, they have weak immunity rendering them susceptible to different diseases. As a result, their life expectancy is decreased to a great deal. They suffer so much during their life.

Patella issues:

This is the condition of dislocation of the patella also known as patellar luxation. Patella is a smaller bone shielding the stifle joint from the front in the hind legs. The bone is kept firm at its position by ligaments. But at the movement of the knee joint, the patella slips into the femurs’ groove. But in this condition, the kneecap dislocates either inside or outside. This leads to serious injuries or deformities. It affects either one or both of the legs.

Issues Related to Temperature regulation:

They lack multiple insulating layers of coat and they also have a deficient system of breathing. All this sums up to low ability to regulate temperature. They are susceptible to both types of temperature variation. They are vulnerable to heatstroke and catching a cold.

Back and spine:

They have a curved spine which is problematic for French bulldog fully grown. This causes hindrance in movement. Even mini blue French bulldog finds it as a difficulty in a swift movement. They sometimes have butterfly-shaped vertebrae. This condition can be even present in all French bulldogs including blue-white French bulldogs. This condition is also known as chondrodysplasia.

Dog Shows:

Blue Frenchie puppy appeals to almost all persons. They are popular for shows and are in high demand. In the decade 1950, a blue French bulldog managed to win the award for the Best Breed consistently for 8 years. Another blue French bulldog from Canada won the non-sports group award and was among the first in his breed who managed to win this award.

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