Blue French Bulldog Puppies (for sale near me)

A blue French dog Puppy or you might call it a Frenchie is becoming highly popular among the masses. All this popularity despite the ignorance faced by the breeders association is something that should be applauded. Their cute flat faces and distinguishing ears attract dog lovers to take them home.

blue french bulldog puppies

This cute little Frenchie is becoming popular day by day. Especially the French bulldog puppy is becoming people’s favorite pet. Besides their ears, their color is what distinguishes them from other French dogs. The bluish hue is from their genetics differentiating them from other French bulldogs. This bluish hue derives their name, Blue French Bulldogs.

If you have been thinking to get yourself a French bulldog or a French bulldog puppy, here are some amazing facts about these adorable little creatures.

The Blue French bulldog Puppies not actually French!

Confused? Don’t be. Here is a little background scenario. These dogs are not true breeds, they exist as a result of cross-breeding between the English Bulldog ancestors and the Parisian from France.

This crossbreed started somewhere in England. During the industrial revolution, it was brought to France, from where it got immense popularity and its name.

Blue French Bulldog Puppies for sale near me

1- Solid Blue – PRICE $ 6500

solid blue female bulldog

2- Tilly – blue female – Price $4900

Tilly blue female frenchie

3- White

White frenchie

4- Royal Blue Frenchies

Royal blue frenchies

5- Golden French bulldog – Price $600

Golden French bulldog

The popularity rose because of the ban!

When the cross was made to happen, there also happened to be a new ban on bulldog fighting related sports. This ban decreased the demand for aggressive bulldogs and increased the demand for loveable ones, which the Blue French bulldog was ideally the one.

And there started the true journey of this little fellow.

They hate exercise, and you know what they neither need it!

These dogs are not of those athletic and warm-core dogs. They need to relax and they love to relax! Generally, they hate to exercise and the best part is they do not need to do much. A small walk every day keeps them fit.

Blue French bulldog

If you have one of them, here is a step to step guide for you:

  • Take your dog.
  • Feed him with some of his favorite dog food.
  • Take him out on a walk.
  • Play with them.
  • And then return home.

And you know what, that’s it! It does look to be a dog lover’s dream, but this is actually a dream come true. They hate exercise and exercise hates them.

Not a great idea to train them

The fact that they are the true couch potatoes incorporate in almost every behavior. Their laziness makes them the least that a trainer would be searching in his dog. It’s really hard to get something into their heads and to get them to do what you want.

If you even plan to train your pet even a bit, you must give it a second thought before buying these Blue French bulldog puppies. Because they will give you a real hard time in this perspective.

Blue French Bulldog Puppies For Sale

Kids and the Blue French Bulldog

These Frenchies will not only love you as your kids do, but they will also love your kids as you do.

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Blue French bulldogs are thought to be great with kids. They love licking them and get cuddles from them. Kids also tend to love their adorable pet dogs.

 Blue French Bulldog playing with kids

With some of the bulldog species being a little aggressive, this one will be a treat for your kids. They are going to enjoy the presence of this new family member even more than you.

Get yourself friendly with the vet because you are gonna need them way more often

When having a Frenchie, you will become used to going to a vet. They are much of a sensitive species. They get sick easily, so you need to look out for a lot of stuff. Here are a few that you should particularly take into serious consideration.

  • Winter is not really their favorite season. Take special care of them during this season.
  • Look out for allergies.
  • Skin and food allergies are the most common.
  • Whenever you find any irregularity or strange behavior, make a diet plan for them.

Though they are more often prone to diseases, a little care will render them safe from all these issues.

Shedding is not their thing

Dogs shed their fur a lot. Although it’s not a problem for dog lovers, can sometimes irritate the hell out of someone who buys a pet for the first time.

If you are one of those, consider buying a Blue Frenchie. It sheds only twice in a whole year, which is way lesser than what many other dogs do. You will feel a considerable difference of shed fur in your clothing and everywhere your dog sits.

The loud noises might become an issue for you

Their face structure, potentially, hinders their breathing process. They do struggle with breathing and also produce loud noises. These loud noises might irritate some people. They might feel it a little disturbing.

Blue French dog

Also, you might get tensed at first, if they are okay or not. If your blue Frenchie is also making loud breathing noises, you do not need to worry about it. They are absolutely fine, it is just another genetic gift, bestowed upon them.

Hence, while buying it, consider whether you can live with these loud noises or not.

Travelling is not their cup of tea

If you are a regular traveler, do not buy the Frenchie, you are gonna regret it. But if you travel occasionally, then do remember to take precautions every time your dog accompanies you.

The structural abnormality in the breathing passage not only produces loud noises but is also a reason for their traveling issues. The low pressure during the flight and the temperature changes will pose serious threats to your dog’s life.

Hence, precautions become a necessity to keep your dog safe.

Not the right pick for those who want their pet to win competitions

Let’s forget the winning part for a while, a blue Frenchie cannot even participate in any of the competitions that you plan to participate in.

Breeders generally do not recognize this breed and hence they are not allowed to participate in competitions.

If you are not a person who has a craze for participating in dog competitions, you got no problem, others need to give it a thought.

Not for those having a load of other pets

Blue French Bulldogs Puppies are loners when it comes to interacting outside their species. They generally do not get along well with other animals, may it be a cat or any other small dog outside their species.

So, if you have other pets, first get rid of them, then invite them to your home.

Get the female to a vet when the time for the delivery arrives

Having a Frenchie requires a lot of attentiveness and care. You need to look out for various stuff that generally a dog owner does not need to look for.

For example, at the time of delivery, the mother Frenchie needs to see a vet. It is because of their large heads. The puppies having large heads cannot move out of the pelvic region. If timely action is not taken, the mother might face irreparable injuries.

Hence, the vets cut C-sections for safe delivery. This point is especially for the Blue French bulldog breeders. They have their favorite female Frenchies that they need for breeding with other males. They want to lose them over a delivery.

They crave love, as much we humans do

These adorable dogs will always crave love. They want themselves to your world’s center. Cuddling and licking will always be their precious gifts for their owners.

blue bulldog

Their never-ending craving for love also helps during the walks. They tend to remain closer to their owners. You do not need to look after them. They will always remain close to your feet and would try to insinuate their desire to play with you.

Having a Frenchie will keep you so overwhelmed with love and care that you will feel to be blessed. These dogs know how exactly to keep their owners loving them more and more with each passing day.

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They want your time and attention!

Their desire to be loved is surely one that pleases every dog owner. But sometimes this might annoy you as they will always be out there demanding your attention and time.

They will do stuff like crossing your path, barking, jumping in front of you, making cute faces bring their toy to you, and loads of more just to get your attention. They are not gonna leave you alone unless you spend quality time with them.

So for all those who workaholics who do not have time for their pets, don’t try to get one, especially not this one!

They do not only want love, they render it, too

Most dog lovers see a family member in their dog and want to incorporate their pet into their family. For all such people, you don’t need to put much effort into these blue Frenchies. They are even more eager than you are, to get into that loveable place.

As we said earlier, they crave for love, you what as much as they crave for it, they render it exactly that much!

In no time your little puppy will get friendly to your children, your grandparents, and anybody in the house. As long as they are being loved, they will continue loving everyone with the exact same enthusiasm.

The Happy Dog!

Frankly speaking, the little blue Frenchie has an excellent vibe!

They are always smiling, cuddling someone, jumping in the air in front of your face to get your attention. They truly live every moment and enjoy their life. This even makes you live your life to the fullest.

Having a blue French bulldog in your house is like having a mode rectifier. Particularly talking about the puppies, they are something that freshens up the mind.

Blue Frenchie puppies

Their comic behavior is another remarkable trait, that should be appreciated

These dogs are something very rare in the dog world, as they are very much comic. They unintentionally happen to do stuff that will have you in fits of laughing and your laughter and aw reaction will make them repeat they’re funny behavior.

They naturally have a cute face and when that combines with something that funny, it turns out to be a real treat for the owner.

Some of the renowned stuff that most of the Blue French Bulldogs do, are:

  • When chasing a ball, they get so absorbed in the task, they happen to strike random objects and then stare at them with a very cute gaze.
  • Generally, they hate swimming! But if you manage to put them in the water with a life jacket on, they will try to swim with their cute little legs. This scene is among the best ones.
  • The way a Blue French bulldog licks either a human or its puppies is something that everyone needs to watch.
  • They easily get afraid. Seeing them running from minor things will burst you into laughter.
  • The way they get along your feet when you take them out is a true aw moment for the owners.

These and various other silly things that they due to lack of intelligence is the true reason for their popularity.

Are you a couch potato? Congratulations, you got a perfect match!

For all the lazy people out there, we know it’s really hard to find some just as lethargic as yourself. You might be in search of someone who would make a perfect match for you. You know what, Blue Frenchie is going to be your perfect partner.

Do you know why is it a true Couch Potato? Here’s an explanation for you.

  • They hate to exercise!
  • They spend most of their time sitting by a fluffy piece of cushion.
  • They want you to serve them with their favorite food at their resting spot!
  • They want small walks only. Long walks or jogging is just not made for them.
  • They love to cuddle.

You little Frenchie will remain at its easy spot and not bring much chaos to the house.

Their cute face and the lovely bluish hue make you fall in love with them

Just seeing a blue French bulldog turns to be a true treat for the eyes. A dog lover will always appreciate this cute little package of natural beauty.

If you are not a dog lover, you must be wondering what do attract these people to this small creature. Here are a few points explaining his beauty.

  • The flat face is every dog lover’s, first love
  • The small size makes it super easy to grab him and start cuddling. So, its small size automatically insinuates a sense of love.
  • Black is everyone’s favorite color. But apart from black, this bluish hue is also very attractive to the eyes. The warmth and love of this color are bestowed upon this species genetically.
  • Though mostly they are entirely blue, sometimes you might find white spots along the bellies or on their backs.
  • The bat-like ears look extremely cute on their large heads.
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pet to win competitions

The lack of intelligence is another perspective of their personality

Blue French bulldogs are surely extremely cute and loveable. But they lack the intelligence to a considerable extent. They are not very much smart.

This quality does lead to some bad qualities like they are not good at training. But it also turns out to be a blessing in disguise. The less intelligent brain makes them resemble children and do stuff that turns out to be very funny.

Although they lack intelligence, this goes more in their favor than going against them.

Good for people who love to socialize

If you are someone who socializes a lot, watch out because your pet is going to socialize even more than you. This cute and adorable dog loves everyone and everyone loves it, which makes it a perfect match for taking somewhere with yourself.

We can’t guarantee whether people will like you or not, but we can guarantee that everyone’s going to love your pet. Your guests will never leave without commenting on the beauty of your pet.

Aren’t made for protection

If you plan to have your Blue French bulldog to protect your belongings and yourself, you are picking the wrong species. They aren’t good at protecting stuff. Some of the reasons behind this fact are:

blue french bulldog puppies
  • They lack intelligence.
  • They are small.
  • They hate attacking, biting, and all that stuff.
  • They are lovely creatures!

They will serve as great partners, but planning to have them guard is not a good idea.

The perfect pet for anyone having a small apartment

The big cities have apartments and plenty of them are small. Small to a point that having a pet like a dog becomes very challenging. But with this little blue Frenchie, you do not need to worry about that.

Not only do their size accommodates best for a small apartment, so does their lifestyle too. They don’t need much space. Being couch potatoes, they can happily live in a small corner minding their own business.

They are also not much into doing athletic stuff, so your indoor apartment would be heaven for them. So, what are you waiting for? Make your small apartment a much better place with this little cutie.

Want a companion for your hollow life? Go get a Frenchie!

The whole conversation concludes to the point that these are the best companions a man can have. They will fill your sad life with their happy vibe and never-ending love, whether you demand it or not.

The Blue French bulldog is considered to be the 4th most loved dog in the world. Although it has some drawbacks, as every other species will have its too, the advantages are too much to be ignored.

Their cute appearance, their comic behavior, their loving attitude, all makeup to a fabulous pet. They are the best options for those who are looking for a companion. But if your want a watchdog, look into other bulldog species, you will definitely find one over there, the Blue Frenchie is not the one.

The money is a little too much for what is in the box

As these cuties are everyone’s favorite, their prices have continued to rise tremendously. Now they cost almost double as any other French bulldog would. Generally talking, without considering the money, everyone would have preferred them over other bulldogs.

If you think practically, this much money is a lot of amount in exchange for what they have.

For all those people searching for French Bulldog Puppies near me or French bulldog puppies for sale, here’s a point, if you have that much money, go ahead buy it! You will not regret it. But if you don’t, do not stress yourself. Do not wait to save more money. Buy something else, you will not regret that either.

A guide for the new owners or the owners-to-be

If you have just bought a Frenchie, or are planning to buy one, here’s an easy guide for you.

  • Take care of their health. Visit the vet frequently.
  • Have a diet plan for your little pet.
  • Take the female Frenchie to the vet at the time of delivery.
  • Love them and let them love you.
  • Take them on a small walk once a day.
  • Keep a recorder in handy to record their cute moments.
  • Do not have other pets, when you have Blue French bulldogs.
  • Do not try to train them.
  • Be careful when traveling with your pet. They are not very good at airplanes.
  • Do not expect them to protect you. In fact, always protect them.
Hope these points prove helpful to you and you are able to take good care of your pet. Almost 12 inches in size, this dog can live up to 12 years. Buying a Blue Frenchie will have you companionship of about 12 years.

Hopefully, you will love it.

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