Blue French Bulldog Price – Why Are They So Expensive

What is the Blue French Bulldog Price in UK, USA, INDIA, AUSTRALIA, Philippines, and Canada? We list prices in USD, so you can convert the $ rate into your country’s currency.

Are expensive Frenchies really worth buying?

On average French bulldog’s cost ranges from 1500$ to 3500$, sometimes even more. In this article, we will reveal the reason behind the high prices of a French bulldog.

Blue French Bulldog Price

The reason why are French bulldogs so expensive is that they involve artificial insemination and cesarean section to give birth to their offspring. The reason is that they have pretty slim hips, which makes it complex and challenging to give birth naturally. Along with this, the vet charges, top-notch variety of food items for young puppies, and their accommodation and shelter add to the total expense of breeding French bulldogs.  There is no shortcut. Breeding blue French bulldogs is a full-time job, as they need continuous attention & care.

French Bulldog Color Price Chart

Color Price
Fawn $5,000
Cream $5,000
Brindle $4,000
Fawn brindle $4,500
Black $4,500
White $5,000
Lilac $6,500
Chocolate $6,500
Blue & Blue fawn $6,500
Merle $6,500
Isabella $8,000+
Platinum $8,000+
Fluffy $11,000+

Why are French bulldogs so expensive?

You must be wondering how much are French bulldogs. Regardless of their high price, These French bulldogs have become popular everywhere. Those who know about this breed love it, but everyone can’t afford to have Frenchies.  It’s not just their incomparable cuteness but also their complex breeding process that, along with some other additional major expenses, exhaust the breeders monetarily.

Are expensive Frenchies really worth buying

Everyone knows that female Frenchies cannot deliver naturally and undergo a cesarean section to deliver little Frenchies safely. So, if any of the breeders is risking a hard-earned pup & its mum by letting these female French mommies go through that horrible process, then you shouldn’t consider buying from any such so-called breeders.

Top reasons why are French bulldogs so expensive:

If you have already decided to get the French bulldog of your dreams, then wait. You need to know why these blue French bulldogs’ prices are so expensive before making the final decision to buy them. Some people get excited by discovering a blue French bulldog at a low cost. However, they should consider a few quality checks before making the final choice. This article gives you an idea of why healthy French bulldog puppies are high in value & price.

why are French bulldogs so expensive

  • Blue French bulldogs require artificial insemination:

These blue French bulldogs can’t pair off traditionally because of their short legs and slim hips. It usually accounts for an additional expense for a breeder.

  • Special nutrition requirement by Frenchie mom during pregnancy:

The breeders need to take care of a pregnant French bulldog mummy because she needs special nutrition, a diet high in protein to stimulate lactation.

  • Regular vet checks of pregnant Frenchie mummies during pregnancy:
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Routine ultrasound is a significant health check for Frenchie bulldog mummies, critically important for their wellbeing as these ultrasounds can help check the expected growth of the babies. It will also help them identify the number of babies in the mother’s womb.

Top reasons why are French bulldogs so expensive

  • Requires C-section to give birth:

As discussed earlier, they can’t mate traditionally as having small hips and tiny legs, making it challenging to give birth naturally. Therefore, a C-section is preferred to deliver the puppies safely. French puppies usually have bigger heads, which makes birth even more complicated and complex; hence, C-section is opted to make sure that little puppies are safely delivered.

  • Post-pregnancy care:

These French bulldog mummies need proper post-pregnancy care, which is not an easy job for a breeder. The breeder has to take care of little mum even more as Frenchie’s mom will bleed for approximately 3-7 days, which is painful, especially for healing wounds.

I hope you get an idea of why are French bulldogs so expensive. If you are looking for a French bulldog, it is better to research before buying one.

Never buy a French bulldog that is inexpensive or cheap:

French bulldog inexpensive or cheap

There is no second opinion that these cute tiny puppies are one of the worlds’ cutest and good-looking breeds. Because of their super friendly nature and their small size, they are suitable for small apartment living. However, as a result of cross-breeding in the past, they are more susceptible to many health problems. It is, however, recommended to check and verify this issue before buying. Some of the questions one should ask while purchasing these little French puppies are discussed as under:

  • Are they adequately vaccinated?

It would be best if you asked for an adequately signed document from a vet doctor about the French bulldog’s previous vaccination history.

You should ask for the puppy’s family history:

One of the prime and key things while getting a little French puppy is to ask for evidence of the puppy’s family history. It is advised to go and see the puppy’s parents personally to be sure. It would be best if you kept it in mind that a puppy’s health is pretty much associated with its genes. Therefore, it is crucially important to be sure about the puppy’s family.

Blue French Bulldog Price

  • Are they social and friendly:

It is imperative to know whether the bulldog is social or not. Its behavior with fellow puppies, pets, and family members should be friendly. You should also check a puppy for this property.

  • You should ask about the diet of a puppy:

Either the kibble or BARF diet is preferred for French bulldogs by many of the breeders. So, when you bring a French bulldog home, then you should continue the same diet at least for the first four or five days to minimize the gastric issues which otherwise would be caused.

How much do blue French bulldog puppies cost?

The admirer of French bulldogs knows that these French bulldog puppies are priceless & precious and will cost you much. The average cost of these French bulldogs varies from 1,500$-8000$. Yes, you read it right. If you have gone through the above-detailed section, you must know the justification of these French bulldogs’ jaw-dropping price.

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Most classy and costly bulldog color:

The French bulldogs are available in various colors and patterns other than typical colors (black, fawn, and white) and are more costly than these typical ones.

These colors are :

  • Blue
  • Lilac
  • Chocolate

You should know that these rare breed bulldogs in rare colors aren’t recognized and accepted by the American kennel club, but you shouldn’t be bothered unless you plan to show them in a pet’s competition. Breeders try to take advantage of the rare color and mark the price tag as high as possible.

The 100,000 classy French bulldogs:

The USA’s average domestic income is $56000 approximately, and the average French bulldog cost is 3000$. However, micro-machine a French bulldog costs 100,000$. Yes, you read it right. It is that costly but is it justified? I think you can decide it yourself.

Celebrities with French Bulldogs

  • Dwayne Johnson (Rock) with his French bulldogs, Hobbs & Brutus:

Dwayne Johnson, a retired wrestler, now a Hollywood celebrity, is famous by his ring name ‘The ROCK’. He has worked in numerous movies like fast and furious and rundown. The rock also had two French bulldogs named Hobbs and Brutus. Sadly, one of his puppies passed away because of the ingestion of toxic mushrooms in 2015, but he still has a love for French bulldog puppies.

How much do blue French bulldog puppies cost

  • Medona with her French bulldog Gypsy Rosa:

Medona is one of the leading pop music stars, titles Queen of pop since the ’80s. She is on the list of the most incredible artists of all time, Medona also owns a French bulldog named Gypsy, with whom she spent most of her free time. Gypsy is adorable.

  • Lady Gaga with her French bulldog, Koji:

Lady Gaga is an American singer, actress & songwriter. She has produced some hit numbers like ‘Bad romance’, ‘Poker face’, & ‘Just dance’. She is passionate about pets, owns a French bulldog named Koji. Lady Gaga loves to play with her cute little French puppies.

Think about investing in bulldog’s insurance:

investing in bulldog’s insurance

If you have a French bulldog and are worried and bothered about any possible health issue, you should consider having pet insurance. It indeed is a significant investment. There are four kinds of policies that can suit your explicit requirement. They are discussed briefly in this article.

  • The Accidental policy:

This accident-only insurance policy for French bulldogs’ well-being is the most low-cost policy that will cover only emergency health conditions and accidents.

  • The time-bound policies:

This particular policy pays a maximum amount for every health condition & emergency. If your French bulldog blue eye gets an allergic reaction, you will get coverage for the entire year till you hit maximum pay-out. This policy is also relatively inexpensive and economical.

  • Maximum profit policy:

As it is pretty evident by the policy’s name, it will provide maximum monetary coverage in any mishap. There is no time limit you can claim, but once you hit your maximum limit, you won’t be able to claim anymore. It would be best to consider the fact that this policy doesn’t offer complete coverage for current disease or health problems.

  • Lifetime policy:

The most costly & broad coverage policy among all these policies is this lifetime policy that will give you the ultimate peace of mind. This policy provides lifetime coverage to your French bulldog. You don’t need to worry anymore as they will renew the policy if you use it entirely.

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Therefore, if you are looking for a policy that will give you complete coverage for any genetic or another health issue, you should probably opt for this one without a second thought.

Comparison of French bulldog cost with similar breed:

Comparison of French bulldog cost with similar breed

These blue French bulldogs are incredibly adorable and fun-loving species. They are highly adaptable and can easily adjust to family, kids, and other pets. These blue Frenchies have bluish-grey fur, which makes them stand out from the rest bulldogs. This distinctive and matchless appearance makes them famous. However, they are not yet accepted by the American kennel club. They are very playful and outgoing. They will often go to extremes to get attention. We are providing you with the price comparison of different breeds of French bulldogs.

NamePriceLife ExpectancyFriendly NatureSizeActivity
Pug500$-1200$13-15 yearsYes14-18 lbsLow
Blue French bulldog2000$-3000$10-12 yearsYes16-28 lbsLow
Boston terrier800$-1200$11-13 yearsYes10-22 lbsLow/ medium

Pros of blue French bulldog:

  • Matchless and beautiful coat color
  • Suitable for apartments and small homes
  • Possessive about their owner.
  • Minimal maintenance

Cons of blue French bulldog:

  • Rare and hard to get
  • Very costly comparatively
  • Might have pulmonary issues
  • Arrogant and inflexible sometimes.

Comparison of French bulldog cost

Fun facts:

Blue French bulldogs possess either rose or bat ears.

  • Although the key feature of this breed is bat ears. However, blue French bulldogs commonly possess rose ears in comparison with Frenchies of other fur colors.
  • Since this blue color of the French bulldog is not recognized and accepted by AKC and breed official club, they can not participate in AKC competitions.
  • These blue French bulldogs aren’t initially French, rather they came from England.
  • At the beginning of the 20th century, These French bulldogs were used as a status symbol in society. However, currently, they are being used as a favorite pet dog of many world-famous celebrities.

Customer guide:

® The blue Frenchies are an extremely costly breed. Since the blue color of the fur looks classy, it will be priced multiple folds high than the rest of the bulldogs.

® Some of the breeders use Frenchie’s fame and popularity for breeding them unethically. So, it would be best if you only value a registered breeder to get one bulldog of your dreams.

® Their sub nose can add to the overall expense by making the owner visit a vet regularly.


We have provided you with detail about the blue French bulldog prices in this article. Hopefully, it will help you find a Blue French bulldog at a reasonable price. By the end of this article, you would know the different price ranges of French bulldogs. Owing to their small size, these French bulldogs are best suitable for tiny houses and apartments with less space.

The breeders often charge you much for a blue French bulldog because they know that it’s a full-time job breeding, raising, and taking care of a French bulldog.

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