Blue French Bulldog Female – A Complete Guide About The Breed

The Blue French Bulldog Females are the most adorable and affectionate. You’ll never regret buying one. They are the cutest companions and suitable for tiny houses and apartment living because of their small size. If you plan to buy a French bulldog but are confused about which gender to choose, then relax. We are providing you complete guide and the difference between male and female Frenchie.

Blue French Bulldog Female

Name Blue Frenchie Female
Height 11-13 Inches
Weight 17-24 Pounds
Size  Small – Medium
Age (Lifespan) 10 – 14 Years
Colors Brindle BlueAKCSilver blueGray-blueFawn BlueLight BlueLilacBlue MerleSolid Blue
Price (Cost) $1300 – $6000

The French bulldogs are attractive, whether male or female, adaptable to situations and environments, attention seekers, and playful. It’s generally not difficult to train these French bulldogs. However, the early year of the bulldog’s life is the perfect time to teach them. It’s enough about the intro of this breed. Now let’s talk about gender.

Does the gender of a dog truly matters

Does the gender of a dog truly matters

Gender alone is not a sole factor that would determine whether the dog is well-behaved and friendly or not. Certain other factors impact the overall behavior pattern of the dog. One of the studies from a professor, Emeritus of the University of Columbia, proposed that male French bulldogs’ aggressive nature is because of their male sex hormones. Female bulldogs, on the other hand, are comparatively less aggressive. You can tackle this behavioral difference by training them both appropriately as early as possible.

Comparison of  Blue French bulldog female & male

The most common question asked by many new French bulldog owners’ is the difference between male or female French bulldogs? For instance, divergence in personality, is male easier to train? Or is a female more aggressive, empathetic, and lovable than a male? You shall find the answer to many such questions in this article, which will show you comparing male and female French bulldogs. Let’s have a look at them.

Difference between male and female French bulldogs:

Difference between male and female French bulldog

Physical appearance: The male French bulldogs have more giant heads and a larger physique than a female French bulldogs. Male French bulldogs weigh about 2-4 pounds more as compared to a female bulldog approximately. However, overall the difference in their weight and height is not that huge.

French BulldogHeightWeight
Male11-12 inches20-28 lbs
Female10-11 inches16-24 lbs
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It is pretty standard and evident that males look muscular, bulky, and stockier than females as female bulldogs look slimmer comparatively. However, some female bulldogs look as sturdy as male bulldogs, but that’s usually an exception.

  • Temper and nature:

It is a general perception about a male French bulldog that they are more mischievous, confident, and daring than their female counterparts. However, female bulldogs are considered a bit shy, calm, and reserved comparatively. Because of this trait, the French female bulldogs are trained a little more quickly than male bulldogs and are considered more loyal than their male counterparts.

male and female French bulldogs

  • Aggression:

It is usually not expected from a male French bulldog to pinch often compared to a female bulldog. However, female bulldogs are unpredictable and tend to show aggression because of the heat cycles they experience. Generally speaking, there is no hard and fast rule about female or male bulldogs being more aggressive. Their nature and character rely primarily upon the kind of environment they are living in, their training, and brought up.

  • Training assessment and evaluation:

There is no scientific evidence to prove that male French bulldogs take more time to house-train than female bulldogs. However, in few cases, male French bulldogs show little reluctance and hindrance in training because of their dominant behavior. In contrast, female bulldogs, on the other hand, get mature early, that’s why it’s easy to train them.

  • Personality evaluation:

There are few personality differences in male and female French bulldogs. The male French bulldogs are more naughty, more playful, dominating, and assertive. On the other hand, female French bulldogs are shy, grumpier, submissive, and aggressive. However, both are irresistible. One more significant factor affecting bulldogs’ behavior is that if they are spayed and neutered, the personality difference between males and females would be zero. In choosing a bulldog, if you decide to spay or neuter a bulldog, it will be a great choice as it will show to be a better pet.

Female Frenchies

  • Intelligence:

There is no scientific proof or study on this breed to determine who is a more intelligent, male or female bulldog and why? However, based on some real-life incidents and first-hand experience, I can tell you that female French bulldogs are more intelligent and innovative.

  • Dealing with a visitor:

The blue French male bulldogs are incredibly social animals. They love roaming around with their owners and family. When you take them to a walk, they’ll start playing with strangers whom these bulldogs just met. On the other hand, If we talk about female French bulldogs, they love the company of family and sometimes even strangers. This One is a fascinating trait in female Bulldogs that they instantly catch the attention of everyone around and make new friends all the time. They are so friendly and adorable.

  • Life expectancy and price:

The lifespan of a French bulldog doesn’t depend upon gender. On how well it has been treated, its overall care plan, and genes. If you want to maintain the excellent health of your bulldog, then make sure to provide appropriate hygiene and balanced nutrition to prevent obesity.

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lifespan of a French bulldog

As far as the price of a bulldog is concerned, the female French bulldog is more expensive than its male counterpart, specifically with breeding rights and proper AKC documentation. The male French bulldog, on average, costs 1500-3000$, but if you are looking for a bulldog from top-notch breeders, then this price will rise to 5500-10,000$. The price difference is due to color, location, and various other factors. However, female Frenchies are way too expensive comparatively, ranges from 5000-15000$. This difference in price is mainly because of two reasons,

* Female Frenchies can reproduce, which means the owner can have more puppies.

* Because of artificial semination

* and cesarean section, their costs increase.

  • Dissimilarity in protecting skills:

The territorial capabilities are more prominent in a male French bulldog than a female Frenchie. This trait remarkably influences their guarding behavior. However, they lack that aggressive attitude to become great protectors. They can bark to notify you of the presence of a stranger in the territory but can’t frighten a criminal. Nonetheless, they are ideal watchdogs. Whereas young female French bulldogs aren’t as territorial as compare to male bulldogs. Nevertheless, their territorial capabilities surpassed males as they grow old. With age, they become more protective of your property.

  • Family bonding:

If you compare the family bonding of the French bulldogs’ two genders, let me tell you that they both are almost the same. They love being loved and cared for by their owners and other members of the family. You can take them for a walk or shopping as they are generally well-behaved dogs. As they don’t bark much, they will not scare away strangers. They are a bundle of entertainment and joy. You certainly won’t regret your decision to buy them.

Blue French Bulldog Family Bonding

  • Health issues:

French bulldogs are pretty susceptible to various health issues like any other dog, such as otitis, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, and external. One of the studies by the RVC (royal veterinary college) revealed that male French bulldogs get more severe health issues than females. They analyzed approximately 2000 French bulldogs to find out that male bulldogs are more prone to get eight out of twenty-six common health issues of their breed. On the other hand, female French bulldogs are considered to be healthier than males. The same research by RVC (royal veterinary college) revealed that none of the 26 breed-associated health issues is familiar with these Female Frenchies.

  • Compatibility with kids:

The male French bulldogs are naturally mischievous and playful. They enjoy the company of kids. One thing is quite evident in male French bulldogs is that they lack parental instinct. They see kids as potential playmates and not someone to protect. It’s therefore essential to introduce your male French bulldog to the kids as early as possible. It will help make a bond between your bulldog and kids and prevent your dog from being aggressive once teased by the kids.

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emale French bulldog best suitable

However, female French bulldogs are extremely friendly with kids because of their maternal instinct. Comparatively, they aren’t much active as their male counterparts, thereby reducing the chances of accidental hurting of your kid while goofing around. You need to train your kids not to touch the sensitive parts of a bulldog, such as ears, tail, stomach, etc.

Choice of the correct gender

Choice of the correct gender dogs
Blue French Bulldog Female

Let me summarize some of the article’s key points to help you choose any one of your choices. Here’s how to get a Frenchie of your dreams by deciding a suitable gender for you,

Male Frenchie is best suited for:

  • Small apartments and tiny houses.
  • For people living in a city
  • Those who love to be around playful and mischievous dogs
  • Those who want to have an attention seeker puppy.

Female French bulldog best suitable for:

  • Those who love to have a docile dog
  • Those who love adorable puppies
  • Those who prefer dogs with minus alpha behavior.
  • Those who want to have a puppy that can easily be potty trained.

Do they (male & female) get along? 

Both male and female Frenchies can get along so well because they both are social pack creatures. They can help each other stay fit and healthy and be left alone for a longer time, that too without risk of separation anxiety as they can be pretty good friends.

Some frequently asked question:

Do male and female Frenchies get along?

The male and female French bulldogs usually get along pretty well together. The submissive behavior of female French bulldogs balances the dominant nature of the male French bulldogs. However, adding a new pup to the family may be chaotic as these bulldogs don’t get along well with dogs of the same gender.

Do these French bulldogs bark often? Are they noisy?

This breed of French doesn’t bark much. However, they are exceptional watchdogs as they become vigilant and watchful when they see a stranger. They sometimes grunts and snorts, which is pretty standard.

Can they swim?

These French bulldogs can’t swim because of their large head and small size. Although they love water, their bulky front structure won’t let them swim. Therefore, they shouldn’t leave the swimming pool or tank unattended.

Final words:

As compared to other breeds of dogs, male and female French bulldogs have not many significant differences. However, there may be some behavioral or physical features you might prefer while buying one for you. Before making any final decision, you should have enough knowledge of the two. This article has enlisted almost all the essential features and traits of male and female French bulldogs to make it easy for you to choose a dog of your choice.

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