An Ultimate Guide to Blue French Bulldog adult – Never seen before

It’s no longer a secret that blue French bulldogs are so cute and adorable that they catch the attention of everyone. They are available in various colors and patterns. However, there is one color in this dog breed that is most famous and admired by most people.

Blue French Bulldog adult

Well, I’m talking about a blue French bulldog adult whose color of fur astonishes every pet lover. Because of its beautiful fur color and adorable personality, it is ranked number 4 in the world. These blue French adult bulldogs are short that’s why best suited for small house and apartment living. As compared to other dogs they don’t require much exercise as they get tired quickly owing to the fact that they have small nostrils.

Difference between French bulldog puppies and adults:

All bulldogs are adorable and captivating but French bulldogs are the most endearing. Let me illustrate to you the difference between a French bulldog puppy and an adult. As the puppy gets older, they become more susceptible to health-related issues. The point which is important to ponder is what age is considered to be fully grown. 9 months to one-year-old Frenchie is considered to be a fully grown bulldog. However, at this tender age, they are not considered full-grown adults.

French bulldog puppies and adults

How large do these French bulldogs get?

The French bulldogs are characterized by their ears and posture. But the question is how big these bulldogs can get? The average weight of adult bulldogs is around 28 pounds which they usually don’t exceed whereas their average height is 13 inches. The weight of male French bulldogs ranges from 20-28 pounds whereas female bulldogs weigh 16-24 pounds approximately. This muscular tiny cute creature is a pretty famous breed not just because of their size but also because of their wonderful character and temperament.

Some facts and traits of adult French bulldogs:

adult French bulldogs

  • Derived from English bulldogs:

Don’t get confused by the name of this breed. They were first bred in Nottingham in the early 19th century, intended to get a toy-sized version of bulldogs. In the mid-’80s when lace workers migrated to France, they carried their bulldogs with them. Later, they became popular in France by the name of French bulldogs.

  • Extremely enchanting and attractive:

These adult French bulldogs are so adorable and affectionate towards their owners. This trait of French bulldogs is extremely admirable as they show their affection & love to their owners as young puppies and carry it all through their adulthood. One should keep in mind that this breed can show symptoms of anxiety if left alone or being isolated which will eventually provoke behavioral issues later in life. In order to avoid this issue, never leave them alone for a longer period of time. 

  • French bulldogs seldom swim:

Dogs are well-known for their ability to swim in the lake, river, and pools. The term doggie-paddle is famous for its swimming style. These French bulldogs have short legs and bulky heads. This posture of French bulldogs prevents them to swim properly. The doggie paddling is performed by different dogs where they keep their heads above water and paddle with their front paws to swim. However, in the case of French bulldogs, because of their short legs, it’s nearly impossible for them to paddle. Therefore, if you are planning to take your French bulldogs to a water park or seaside, you need to be extra cautious.

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French bulldogs seldom swim

  • French bulldogs are not supposed to fly in an airplane:

This rare breed of French bulldogs has small nostrils and sensitive airways which may result in suffocation while traveling through the plane. These French bulldogs have the tendency to get panic if kept in a small space. Therefore, it’s better to avoid taking them on the plane.

  • They get along with kids easily:

French bulldogs are pretty famous for their fun-loving nature; they easily get mingle with family members especially kids. Who wouldn’t want to be loved and cared for, these French bulldogs also love to get admiration and attention? They always love to spend time with family. 

  • They love to talk:

These French bulldogs aren’t just cute buddies but they are also known for their talkative nature. They love to have conversations. Although their bark isn’t loud enough, this is not what they are famous for. They are pretty social and love to hang around with their families which makes them super excited and ecstatic. They always try to converse with their family members and feel super excited about it.

  • French bulldogs are inquisitive and play full:

The French bulldog puppies display an attribute that is curiosity and plays full nature, which they follow all through their adulthood. If you give them toys to play with, they’ll thoroughly enjoy it. These French bulldogs are fun-loving breeds that love to be social. Try not to ignore them as they might become obnoxious.

  • They don’t like to be unnecessarily scolded:

These French bulldogs don’t like to be excessively judged or critiqued as they get off quite easily. They are pretty expressive that’s why their sad behavior is quite evident if they get disciplined quite often. They can’t be treated like other dogs because of their sensitive nature. If you want to train them, train them gently and kindly. The trained French bulldogs behave so well not only with family members and fellow pets but also with outsiders and guests.

  • French bulldogs can be stubborn:

Although these French bulldogs are extremely adorable and fun-loving. However, they can get stubborn sometimes over certain issues. It doesn’t make it hard to discipline them. They are still the most easy-going bulldogs and are quite responsive to training.

Some facts and traits of adult French bulldogs

  • Require little exercise:

It is pretty important for every dog’s owner to let their dog exercise daily.  These French bulldogs also need to get in shape via exercise as obesity can render them numerous health issues. Therefore, it’s essential to be familiar with their exercise needs. These French bulldogs don’t need too much exercise. It’s more than enough to take them for a walk every day or extend playtime with family members.

French bulldog height and weight chart:

You should keep in mind that this article is just giving you an estimated idea of the height and weight of French bulldogs at particular ages. However, they might not follow this chart. They may grow slower or faster. Just don’t get upset if you find that your bulldog is nurturing ahead or behind these statistical figures. What you have to do is to take them to Vets for regular checkups to make sure they are going in the right direction.

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Male French bulldog age VS weight chart:

1 month4-7 pounds
2 month9-12 pounds
3 month10-14 pounds
4 month12-16 pounds
5 month15-20 pounds
6 month17-22 pounds
7 month18-25 pounds
8 month19-27 pounds
9 month20-28 pounds
10 month20-28 pounds
11 month20-28 pounds
12 month20-28 pounds

French bulldog height chart:

In comparison, the French adult male bulldog weighs more than the female bulldog. However, they both tend to get approximately the same height. This chart is going to give you an estimated idea about the expected height in accordance with the weight of the bulldog.

French bulldogs are inquisitive and play full

The Rise of blue French bulldog:

The French bulldogs are getting popular day by day and have reached to number four spot on AKC (American kennel club) rankings. In New York alone, they are ranked number one for their cuteness and fun-loving nature. The question is what makes them so eminent? These bulldogs, without a second opinion, are the perfect companions. They are exceptionally adorable, fun-loving, and unique personalities you’ll ever see.

The Rise of blue French bulldog

Older French bulldogs:

Aging is a natural process. However, it’s so painful to see your bulldog is no longer active. But you have to adjust in accordance with their physical state of well-being. The old Frenchie needs more care as compared to young bulldogs. In this article, we are providing you with detail on how to take care of an old French bulldog.

Taking care of an older French bulldog:

Once your French bulldog turns six, you need to be extra vigilant. You should take your old bulldog to the vet more often. The vet will perform some tests like renal function testing, blood screening, etc annually to check whether your pet is all set and fine. The older French bulldogs are prone to get tumors so be very vigilant and look out for even a minor lump. Sometimes, even a biopsy is carried out to detect any serious health issue.

An Older French Bulldog Care Guide

Health issues an older bulldog can experience:

We are discussing in detail how to take care of an old Frenchie in this article so, stay tuned.

  • Skeletal issues:

As these bulldogs grow old, because of their short physique, they are prone to develop joint and bone issues such as hip dysplasia, IVDD (intervertebral disc disease), patellar luxation, and hemivertebra. 

  • Hip dysplasia in dogs is a malformed development of the hip socket. If getting worse may lead to arthritis and lameness.
  • The IVDD (intervertebral disc disease) is an age-related deteriorative condition. However, few dogs from certain breeds are susceptible to disc problems from a very young age.
  • Patellar luxation is a condition that is more dominant in small dog breeds and is the main reason for hind limb lameness and the development of osteoporosis. Therefore, early diagnosis is necessary to prevent any further damage.
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Older French Bulldog Care Guide

  • Allergies:

Allergy can bother bulldogs in all age groups. However, it is more troublesome and bothersome for older dogs whose immune system is not as efficient as it was at a younger age. These French bulldogs are more prone to allergies, you must have noticed your bulldog sneezing, itching, and wheezing more as compared to other dogs. If you see any breathing problem in your bulldog, bring him to the nearest vet as early as possible.

  • Difficulties with smell and taste senses :

As the French bulldog grows old, he may face trouble in smell and taste. This lacking can badly affect the bulldog’s appetite. If you don’t take action timely, it may get worse. You can offer him home-cooked special meals or his favorite canned foods to improve their appetite.

French Bulldog Care Guide

  • Scheduled visits to vet:

You should take your older French bulldog to the vet once a year even if he seems fine. There are more chances of an older Frenchie to get sick owing to their weak immune system. It’s better to get them checked routinely to prevent any serious disease as prevention is always better than cure.

  • Keep check of your dog’s weight:

Bodyweight is a very critical health indicator.  Your vet can help you determine whether your bulldog has an ideal weight, underweight or overweight. An oversized bulldog is more likely to get any heart-related issues, diabetes, and skin diseases.

  • A high-quality diet is suggested:

Choose a high-quality diet for your old French bulldog in order to maintain his health. A routine visit to the vet can help determine the appropriate diet for your bulldog. Such as an overweight bulldog should be provided with food having all necessary and required nutrients but at the same time, they shouldn’t be fatty and should aid in weight loss.

  • Consider giving probiotics for a healthy stomach:

Healthy bacteria in your Frenchie’s digestive system are good for their health. Giving probiotics in their diet augments those good bacteria in the gut.

  • Good dental health maintenance for healthy Frenchie:

Good oral health hygiene is often an overlooked aspect of a Bulldog’s life. However, sometimes negligence may lead to serious oral health issues. If left untreated, then they may enter the bloodstream affecting some other organs badly. That’s why it’s critically important to make sure that their teeth are clean and problem-free.

Adult French Bulldog Care Guide

  • Giving your older bulldog customized space too:

You can make your old bulldog’s life comfortable in many ways. Dog steps or ramps can be utilized to help them navigate around. Carpeting the hard floor may also help your arthritic dog sit and land comfortably.

  • Choose a moderate diet for your bulldog with renal and cardiac issues:

It is usually recommended to give bulldogs a diet lower in sodium in order to prevent any cardiac issues.  A diet should be designed or formulated in a way to control calcium, sodium levels, and electrolytes in the diet to help relieve kidneys. Your vet can help you decide the menu of your bulldog in the best way.


It is no more a secret that these French bulldogs make great pets as they are extremely adorable and adaptable.  If anyone wants to have a French adult bulldog, should go through this article. It will surely help them choose and take care of their bulldog effectively.

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