Are French Bulldogs Colour Blind? Why and How?

There are a number of dogs that are loved throughout the world, but the French bulldogs stand out among all. 

Due to having an attractive appearance and a sociable personality, the French Bulldogs don’t fail to win the hearts of millions of folks across the globe.

Are French Bulldogs Color Blind

However, some people think that French dogs are colour blind, and some even believe that they can’t see in the dark, 

So are French bulldogs colour blind? Is it for real? This is the thing that I’ve been getting asked frequently by tons of people. Therefore, I thought that I should reply to this today in this dedicated post. 

In this post, I’m going to answer all of your questions related to this topic, so ensure to be with me till the end of this piece of writing so you don’t end up missing something crucial.

Without lecturing more, let’s get to the topic already.

French dogs are colour blind

Are French bulldogs colour Blind? – If yes, How?

So are French Bulldogs colour blind? The simple answer is no, they’re not colour blind, but just like other species of dogs, they can see limited colours. The dog’s vision is too different from ours; the colours we can see, the dogs can’t see them clearly. 

The dogs can’t see the red or yellow colours; whatever colour they see, it changes into another colour that is neither so clear nor so vibrant. 

frenchie blind

Like, the red colour will turn into the green, and the green one will turn into the red one; it’s just an example of how your dogs can see colours. 

Apart from the people who think French bulldogs are colour blind, there is another kind of people who think that French Bulldogs can only see in white and black. Again, this is not like that. They do colours the way I’ve just mentioned. 

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Their capability of seeing colours is not as perfect as humans. Why can French Bulldogs only see limited colours? You may ask. 

Humans have three cones in their retinas while dogs have just two because we humans are capable of seeing all types of colours while dogs can only see limited colours. But, having fewer cones doesn’t make them a colour line in any way, mind that.

The Colour Vision Range of the French Bulldogs

The dogs have dichromatic vision, which means they can’t see colours as perfectly as humans. There are two important parts in our retina, rods, and cones.

Vision Range of the French Bulldogs

The rods are the things that let us know whether the object is low in light or bright. At the same time, the cones help us to distinguish between colours. 

Dog Color Range

Like, cones tell us that the colour we’re looking at is red, but the one which is beside it is green. Simply put, the cones allow us to sense the different colours and know what colour we’re looking at.

As stated earlier, humans have 3 cones in their eyes while dogs have just two, which makes them see fewer colours than us. 

What limited colours can the French Bulldogs see? The Dogs can see in yellow, blue, and grey colour. This thing is not just found in French dogs; rather all the special dogs have got a dichromatic vision.

Now you know, the French Bulldogs are not colour blind also; I’ve told you the reason why they can only see limited colours. There is another question that you people ask me all the time, which French Bulldog can see in the dark? So, let me answer it too.

Can French Bulldogs See in the Dark?

The answer is yes; they can see in the dark. You’d be shocked to know that the French Bulldogs can see 5 times better than you in low light. Can you buy it? Not, right? But, it’s a fact. Why is that so? 

It’s because The French Bulldogs have bulging eyes, which makes them capable of seeing in the dark. Also, the French Bulldogs have wide pupils because of which they’re able to capture more light into their eyes than those who have smaller pupils.

French Bulldogs Color

The mechanics of a French Bulldog’s eye consists of a cornea, retina, point of focal, and retina. In the retina, there are cones that ingest concealing and bars that absorb light. 

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Canines have a more prominent measure of these bars than individuals, meaning they can see better contrasted with us in low light conditions, for example, in an obscured room.

For instance, underneath is as exact a depiction as I can make of what your French Bulldog finds in lack of clarity appeared differently in relation to a human’s vision,

How much is the range of the French Bulldog’s Vision?

Roughly, the French Bulldogs can see 20 Feet away unbelievably, yet when the distance increments than that number, their dreams start to begin getting blurred. Does it mean that they can see that far? 

No, they can see up to 164 feet away, yet their best vision is 20 feet away. At the point when you make them stand 164 feet from you, they will actually want to perceive your body to move. However, they probably won’t be able to recognize your face or who you exactly are.

range of the French Bulldog's Vision

I hope now you have a piece of pretty good knowledge about whether or not the French Bulldogs are colour blind. However, I bet that there are still some doubts that you have in your mind, so to clear them all, I’m going to tell you some facts about the vision of the French Bulldogs so you can understand your Frenchie better.

French Bulldogs Can See Through their Tose and Ear

It may be eccentric and a bit astonishing for you, but it’s a fact that dogs can see through their ears and nose. 

A lot of times it happens that your dog loses their eyes accidentally, but still, they can see things pretty well. How is that possible? It’s likely because the dogs are naturally able to use their nose and ears to see things.

French Bulldogs Can See Through their Tose and Ear

Can’t you digest it? Let me make you understand by giving you an example so you can understand better. 

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You must have heard that dogs don’t have a perfect vision; they can’t even see all colours like us. But, when you keep a thing 75 feet away from them, you’ll be able to see it with ease, while your dogs won’t be able to see it. 

However, your dog will be able to smell it and assess where that thing is coming from. You must have in movies that dogs help police to catch the criminals by smelling their stuff, like shoes, clothes, glasses, and so on. 

So, how do they do it? They can do it Because they’re able to see the world through their noses and ears.

Point to note

Hey Dog lovers, I hope now you know whether or not French dogs are colour blind. Look, No matter what species of dog you bring home, it will not have perfect eyesight. It’s something naturally inside dogs that they have imperfect eyesight.  

When they see someone close, they can recognize who the person is, however when you make them stand up to 164feets away from you, they won’t recognize the face and the person but will be able to copy the movements you make from there. 

Also, the dogs can see in the dark but not so clearly. They can’t see in the darkest place, a bit of light should be present for them to see, or else they won’t be able to see anything..The colours they see are limited but they’re not colour blind remember that.

dogs can see in the dark

Also, they don’t see in black and white colour, they see the colours but are limited and not so vibrantly. So, if your french bulldog has some problems with its eyesight, then it’s okay because, at the end of the day, it’s a dog. 

So, I don’t think that there is something that I’ve missed but still if you think that you need to more about the topic, put your question down in the comment section and I’ll be there to help you out.

Now, I want to hear from you, What eyesight problems does your French Bulldog have? Your answers will highly be appreciated.

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