AKC Blue French Bulldog: (Kindest Dog Breed)

AKC Blue French Bulldog: One of the kindest dog breeds is AKC French Bullies. They are very playful easily adaptable and friendly dogs. When you are looking for a French Bulldog everyone must want a pure and registered breed so AKC fulfills your need. AKC will give you complete registration and proper caring plan and vaccination also with some medical facilities.

AKC Blue French Bulldog

French bulldog resembles Bulldog but changes in height, ears, and some other habits. Due to their friendly nature, they can grow up with other animals very easily. AKC French bulldog breed originates from England in the year 1898.

French bulldogs are environment-sensitive they prefer to remain inside the house during hot weather. In normal weather, they need to walk twice a day. The most loving companion is a French puppy they are more attached to their owner.

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Blue French Dog breed

The Blue French dog breed is the result of two breeds cross. One is a French bulldog and the other one is a local matter. It’s a simple breed like bulldogs but differs in size and shape.

Breed Traits of French Bulldog.

1PersonalityPlayful, Friendly.
2Energy levelNormal not very active
3Good with childrenYes
4Good with other animalsYes
7TrainabilityRespond well
8Height11-13 inches
9WeightUnder 28 pounds
10Age Limit10-12 Years
11Barking levelQuiet

Why blue French Bulldog is expensive?

The blue French bulldog is a very rare breed. It is very difficult to find a breeder which creates a blue French bulldog. Many breeders know that it is very difficult to breed a blue French bulldog that’s why it is very expensive and very limited.

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What does AKC provide you while caring for a French Bulldog?

AKC a registered dog kennel club provides you with some basic tips about the grooming of French Bulldog which plays a very important role in any animal life some are mentioned below:

AKC Blue Frenchie Bulldog

Health Care:

The most important aspect of any animal especially in small dog breeds is their health they need very importance and attendance due to their small height and flat face French bulldogs are unable to swim and they require more attention in this case.

  • Eyes:

French bulldogs have mostly cherry eyes they need extra care and cleaning twice a week also their skin is very sensitive and some allergies are supposed to occur in them.

  • Medical test recommendation by AKC.

Some medical tests are recommended by the kennel club for the better grooming of French bulldogs such that patella is a common disease that occurs in dog’s knees so that patella evaluation test is necessary for their grooming and hip evaluation.

Exercise for an AKC Blue French Bulldog

Exercise for an AKC Blue French Bulldog

As we all know that exercise is the basic rule of healthy life so it implies both human beings and animals’ life, especially in poodles and small breed dogs. Regular exercise plays the main role in the body shape of the puppy so a daily short walk around the house with the owner affects positively the health of the dog. Due to the flat face, French puppies are very more sensitive towards breathing problems so they need regular exercise to avoid this problem in them.

  • Walk timings:

Due to the short height of French bulldogs, their walk time should never exceed 40 minutes. Daily 20 minutes’ walk is enough for a good healthy French bulldog.


Discipline is the sign of every peaceful society same is the case with animals they also have a society. Everyone knows that the dog is very obedient towards his owner and loyal too. This requires some basic commands that a dog should know and obey which give them value in their society and due to this they are more likely to love by people. Some basic washroom training should be given to dogs that will help them live a healthy life in the owner’s house.

  • Motivation:
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They need proper motivation such that making food for themselves and also making a game which will make them energetic and active will ultimately help in training.

AKC Blue French Bulldog puppy


As French bulldogs shed coats very minimally but still it needs attention. Brush them twice a week to avoid extra hair fall which is beneficial for both animal and owner. Weekly brushing will grow new hairs and keep the best-looking dog.

How to stop shedding in French bulldog?

As there is very minimum shedding in French puppies. You can stop the shedding of French bulldogs by regular baths using quality shampoos. Cleanliness is very important for a healthy life for a dog. Regular brushing is required for stopping shedding.


Health is directed related to food a dog takes in. Registered dog food is recommended by AKC which affects positively a dog’s health. Blue French Bulldog is very prone to obesity so it requires very attention to their intake of food and its effects. Dog food is very important for puppy health and bone structure.

How to stop shedding in French bulldog

Monthly or after 6 months proper deworming is recommended by AKC for the dog’s health and internal issues. Deworming results in good health and activeness of a dog. Along with dog food, some fruits, and other jelly-like stuff is also recommended by AKC for healthy dogs.

How to register your dog with AKC?

There are basic registration fees with some extra charges like taxes. The application form after submission the kennel staff will check the breed of the dog. After the complete clarification, they will give you a certificate.

  • Color accepted by AKC:

As the French bulldog is a very demanding breed. But there are some barriers which limited them from shows. One of them is the blue color in French bulldogs because they have many medical health issues.

Why registration is necessary?

A kennel is like a school to the dog. AKC is the world-famous registered kennel. AKC will give you proper attention during the grooming periods of your puppy. AKC will take care of your puppy medications and health and will guide you whenever required.

AKC Blue French Bulldog price

A registered dog with AKC will be awarded some special attention and training. AKC will guide the owner about the quality grooming of the dog which is quite important.

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In dog shows when all dogs are supposed to participate then kennel registration matters in the quality of a dog. It shows the grooming, breed purity of the dog and is then allowed for dog shows.

  • Kennel Trainers:

A kennel is a school for the dog. Trainers over there are well certified and trained. They know every aspect of a healthy dog’s life. Your dog is trained under a special supervisor of specialized trainers which results in a well-trained healthy dog.

The basic difference between French bulldogs and Mini Bulldogs by AKC:

There is a very slight difference in both French dogs and bulldogs. Mini French dog is very stubborn. The most basic difference is that the French bulldogs are accepted and certified by AKC while Mini French dogs are rejected by them.

French bulldogs and Mini Bulldogs by AKC


Food timing and routine of a puppy?

3 times a day for up to 6months old puppy. 2 times a day for adult puppies with one-time milk. Dog food plus some fruits a day.

Where to keep a blue French puppy?

As blue French puppies are very sensitive to weather so it depends upon whether to keep them inside the house or outside the house.

How much time does a blue French dog need per day?

For a healthy, active, and well-trained dog, it is necessary to spend at least two hours a  day with the dog. They too have feelings and affections so they need their attention which affects them positively.

Where to keep a blue French puppy?


Every dog needs proper care and attention. AKC is a certified dog kennel that facilitates a lot of things that are very necessary for puppy grooming. Health care of a dog is very important and training sessions also. There are many things that a dog caretaker doesn’t know and AKC provides that.

A dog’s grooming depends on many factors mentioned above on which AKC shows clear interest and attention. AKC is a registered kennel that can provide pure breed and train your dogs well and is also registered for dog shows.

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