French Bulldog Times

French Bulldog Times

No doubt, Any family will enjoy having a new pet as French Bulldog. They are faithful companion dogs who thrive on human interaction. They are tolerant of youngsters, polite with strangers, and devoted to their pet parents, often to an unhealthy degree. We are committed to improving our hand-selected captive breeding through a good diet, a healthy lifestyle, and socialization in various situations.

Breeders with years of experience

We are placed in wonderful California, so our amazing pups can enjoy all of the fun in the sun while still being close to coastal waters and hiking trails. We are keenly dedicated to maintaining and growing our great breed. Experts manage French Bulldog Times (with occasional input from our Pet owners). Bernard, the French Bulldog, is our family’s pride and joy.

Get genetically strong Bulldogs 

The integrity of our exceptional quality bloodline is our primary goal. We place a significant emphasis on raising happy, genetically strong, healthy, and friendly companions. We offer a variety of unusual Frenchie hues, including Blue, Lilac, Merle, and more!

Additionally, it is a friendly breed from the country France. It first emerged in Paris in the mid-nineteenth century due to a crossbreeding of imported English Toy Bulldogs and native Parisian ratters.

Frenchies are amiable, happy in nature, and have friendly pups, whereas if these dogs are not trained well they adopt aggression. Aggressiveness can be a severe problem, even in small dogs. Growling, snapping, stiff bodies, and other signs of aggression in Frenchies can be seen.

Values at the core

        Purebred dogs are our favorite.

        We are dedicated to bulldog sport.

        Our Registry’s integrity is essential to us.

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